Does anyone have any experience of the VNS (vagus nerve stimulation) treatment f

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    Diffugere_nivesposted 7 years ago

    Does anyone have any experience of the VNS (vagus nerve stimulation) treatment for epilepsy?

    My medication is no longer as effective as it was and as I have tried many different types I was considering suggesting this to my neurologist but finding few people who have personal experience of the device any thoughts would help, thank you

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    PHILIP HANABURGHposted 6 years ago

    I had the surgery to implant the VNS in Oct. of 2010. I was taking max dosage of 3 anti seizure medications. Dilantin,400mg per day, Lamictal400mg per day, Vimpat200 mg per day. My Epilepsy started after I suffered a brain aneurysm, rupture in 2007 at age 50. I never had a seizure prior to that.Since my, receiving the VNS I, started having 70 % fewer and less severe seizures.  I, suffer from mainly partial onset seizures, I started with aura's, with a burning smell and then had several Grand mal, that required hospitaization. my neorologist, was not a fan of the VNS but my Neuro Surgeon had put them in children at the hospital in Fort Myers, Fl.  He suggested I get one. My Neurologist programmed it  at too weak a setting, and I was still having seizures. much less than before,and less severe.It is my understanding, that the VNS is best usedfor partial onset seizures, like mine. you will still be required to take some medication.I moved to Ca. in July, and I am now under the care of the proffessor of Neurology at Stanford Medical. my first appointment with him was very enlightening, he increased the power of the VNS and took me off one medication. I believe, you need to find a Neurologist that has experience using, this device. at present, I am seizure free 3 months. I forgot how sweet life was before Epilepsy. I am not cured, but, I am  much more confident, about not having a seizure. I highly reccommend getting the VNS I hope this is helpful. I will follow this hub, to try to answer any other questions, aboutthis medical break through.

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    Dubuquedogtrainerposted 6 years ago

    Yes, I have used it as a nurse. It seems to work. You may also want to look into getting an assistance dog. I work with a company that trains seizure response dogs, dogs that are trained to respond to a person's seizures by going to get a phone, the individual's VNS unit, meds, help form a person or push an emergency button - or just stay with the individual - whatever you need the dog to do. The dog provides people with a feeling of safety and reassurance that can help reduce the frequency of seizures due to a reduction in stress level.