Has anyone had any personal experiences using medical marijuana for seizures or

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    donnatruposted 3 years ago

    Has anyone had any personal experiences using medical marijuana for seizures or glaucoma?

    I have family members seeking information as to the success or failures of medical marijuana for seizures and glaucoma.

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    Satan is a Twatposted 3 years ago

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    delaneyworldposted 3 years ago

    My daughter has Epilepsy. After she was diagnosed I found an online community through the Epilepsy Foundation that had a bunch of parents going through similar experiences. It's been 12 years since her diagnosis and there are quite a few families taking advantage of the opportunity to try the medical marijuana for the seizures. Of course, the kids are not smoking it but receiving it in a different form, such as tablets, etc. The component that creates the "high feeling", THC, is removed since that is not the property that helps to reduce seizures.

    Keep in mind that these are families that have tried everything and their kids are still having seizures. I have heard nothing but positive comments about it so far. It is relatively new at this point, but there are at least 5 kids that have had intractable seizures that are now seizure free or their seizures have been reduced enough to give them an improved quality of life.

    This certainly gives many people a lot of hope for their kids and loved ones! I am keeping my eyes and mind open and will continue to watch for more positive outcomes with this medication.  smile  Sending best wishes to you and your family.

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