Is a pipe still fashionable for men?

  1. Mark Ewbie profile image86
    Mark Ewbieposted 7 years ago

    Is a pipe still fashionable for men?

    We all know that smoking is cool.  But is a pipe better than a cigarette for impressing the ladies?

  2. mom101 profile image60
    mom101posted 7 years ago

    Many people are offended by smoking.

    Personally I think a man with a pipe filled with some of that good smelling tobacco is very stylish.

    But in answer to your question, for some yes, for some no.

    A man with working or sporty hands, oh law, the way he holds and handles a cigarette, is just "impressing'.... while a man with more gentle type hands do well with a pipe.

    It really depends on the man.

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