Recipes that use essential oils?

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    Gluten Free Momposted 7 years ago

    Recipes that use essential oils?

    Natural bug sprays, Natural cleaners or what ever you have recipes for

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    Moe_Moe90posted 7 years ago

    I have a few really good recipes for essential oil in my home remedies hub. One of my favs is the Brown Sugar Scrub,


    1 cup of Brown sugar
    2 tsp Olive oil
    1 tsp Shea butter oil
    Add the brown sugar into a bowl of choice. Pour the olive oil to the mixture. Take the Shea butter oil apply into the mixture. After a paste is formed put it into a jar.

    For the face: Apply about a tsp. amount of the mixture to the face. Rub into skin in a upward motion for about a min. It should not cause any acne, if you suffer from oily skin its best not to use this scrub.

    For the Body: Rub into skin while in the shower. Rinse & Pat dry. Optional: After applying the scrub, use body wash to remove scrub.

    ** I basically copied and pasted from my hub =]] **

    Hope this helps!!!

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