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What is the best blend of essential oils for making people feel welcome as they

  1. ChristinS profile image96
    ChristinSposted 5 years ago

    What is the best blend of essential oils for making people feel welcome as they enter your home?

    I use an oil warmer quite frequently and love to blend my own essential oils (not synthetic fragrance, but essential oils) What blend(s) do you use to make your home more inviting to guests and to help them relax and feel welcomed and at home?

  2. Juliek958 profile image60
    Juliek958posted 5 years ago

    I burn lavender and jasmine for myself but I have friends who have allergies.  When they are coming over, I stick to vanilla blends.

  3. wearing well profile image76
    wearing wellposted 5 years ago

    It just depends on what time of day and what the occasion is.
    I tend to use citrus oils(grapefruit/lemon/lime) during the day as they are uplifting and refreshing; bergamot is an excellent anti-depressant so helps when you are doing the mundane chores of tidying the house especially when visitors are calling !
    For the evening geranium/lavender/rose/ylang ylang all are excellent relaxing oils and will put guests at ease.
    If you want to create a vanilla aroma which is very popular then use black pepper combined with ylang ylang or try benzoin oil which is quite musky.
    For festive and winter times cinnamon,juniper,frankincense and orange/ rosemary,basil, eucalyptus and peppermint (helps with prevention colds).
    If it's for a sensual evening try aphrodisiac oils of neroli (petigraine is a cheaper option here)jasmine(very expensive) or ylang ylang.
    It's great to experiment with a combination of 2 or three pure essential oils,you can also spray the curtains/cushions and bed sheets with them using a dilution of 10 drops to 100ml of water then shake well before using.(use an empty clean spray container for this smile

  4. cloverleaffarm profile image64
    cloverleaffarmposted 5 years ago

    I love essential oils. I use them in all my products.
    I made a blend the other day that you may want to try. It has lavender, sweet orange, peppermint, clove, ylang ylang and lemon. I don't remember the ratios of what I used. I do know I put more lavender than the rest. It came out with a clean, fresh scent and I have been using it for days. It's like a spring breeze came through. Have fun experimenting. Be sure to write down your formulas. I've lost more great formulas from not writing them down. Be well!