i had sex with married man on 24jan.itake ipill on 25 jan my period date is on 1

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    decostamaryposted 7 years ago

    i had sex with married man on 24jan.itake ipill on 25 jan my period date is on 1 feb. all his...

    discharge on my legs but my pussy was wet. am i pragnent. or my periods on same date or 5-6 daya delayed..pls pls help i m 25 years unmarried girl. it is not exactly goes inside me

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    sarascaposted 7 years ago

    Consider rephrasing your question to be more coherent and legible.

    Going strictly by what you wrote...

    Since your "period date" is not until February 1st, which is a week away, meaning that your period is not late or absent at this point, your question is rather moot until such time that you have missed a period (or two or three).

    Also, asking a bunch of random strangers whether or not you are pregnant would be the same as asking someone's pet cat what the recipe for methamphetamines is.  NO ONE can tell you whether or not you ARE or ARE NOT pregnant.  To find that out, you would need to take a pregnancy test (either by buying one at a pharmacy or going to a doctor).

    The fact that you are 25 and unmarried and that you unscrupulously slept with another's woman's husband is completely immaterial (and doesn't paint a very pretty picture of what kind of person YOU are).  Age and marital status have nothing to do with getting pregnant.

    As for whether or not you MIGHT be pregnant...it is possible.  A man does not have to ejaculate inside a woman to get her pregnant, because a man will release "pre-ejaculate" semen during intercourse.  It only takes one sperm (out of the millions that do get ejaculated) to impregnate an egg.

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    marina123posted 7 years ago

    miss sarasca
    dont blame me
    u dont have 2 right on any others character.as u r not completely pure by heart.if some1 ask u for suggestion then give it otherwise dont jump in anyones  personal matter .i love that guy very much.m just asking about the resultfrom expert not lacture on my character from u