Madam, i am right now 41 years age, what I am 10 years back and on the same stag

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    sriramnarenderposted 7 years ago

    Madam, i am right now 41 years age, what I am 10 years back and on the same stage, no...

    development could u please suggest. when going to become a rich man what are the precautions to be take.  Narender

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    lctodd1947posted 6 years ago

    My first thought are just what do you consider rich?  There are many aspects to being rich.  If you are speaking of health, a place to live and food to eat; then you are already rich compared to many around the world. 

    If you are speaking of making money on HubPages and other pages to become rich;  I will be very honest and tell you that it takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work to make any money.  There are some individuals who have made much more money than I have and have been more successful.  Their resources may have been better than mine and they may have been able to outsource some of their work to free up time for writing and other things. 

    The one thing that I can tell you;  don't expect too much too soon.  I have been at this for over 2 years and I am far from being rich with money.  I did have a period where I could not write and that slowed me down. 

    The criteria needed to do anything in life that is worth value is the following:

    * a belief system in yourself and your apirations
    * faith, hope and courage
    * the ability to not be discouraged easily
    * the ability to look beyond today and into the future as most things that are good, take a lot of planning, hard work and determination
    * the ability to make mistakes, but still keep trying
    * the ability to perservere
    * the ability to work everyday
    * the ability to learn from others who have been doing this awhile
    * the ability to not let anyone shatter your dreams
    * the ability to write excellent content *words, stories, articles,
    * the ability to proofread your writing and not make too many mistakes.  We all have to learn this one in the beginning.  I can go back on some of my initial articles and find too many mistakes.  Spell check does not catch all mispelled words.
    * make a plan and follow it; if it doesn't work, make another one
    * the ability to study offers online and weed out the fraud- do not buy everything you see but seek out what is really going to help you in your success by checking reviews of products online before you buy anything to do with Internet Marketing...or make money online. 
    * Read, learn and work and then do it again

    I will be honest and also say that if you have money to put into this; your chances are higher at getting to the point of making $$$s quicker. But you must still be smart with your investments.

    I hope this helps.... any I wish you much luck.