Tips to quit smoking?

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  1. Ultimate Hubber profile image67
    Ultimate Hubberposted 8 years ago

    Tips to quit smoking?

    I was looking for some tips to quit smoking...

  2. mistyhorizon2003 profile image92
    mistyhorizon2003posted 8 years ago

    Hi There, I quit smoking over two years ago now, with no drugs at all. I followed an excellent course run by a wonderful woman called Lela Bryan who lives in San Francisco. She used to phone me weekly here in Guernsey in the Channel Islands, and the tasks etc she gave me were what worked. If you are interested in reading the diary of my experience with Lela, I hubbed about it week by week here: … ons-Course

    I strongly recommend her, she has a phenomenal success rate.

  3. queen cleopatra profile image92
    queen cleopatraposted 8 years ago

    Smoking is a bad habit and it also has a nasty habit of coming back to you again and again...

    My parents were chain smokers in their early twenties. They were trying to quit smoking on and off before we, the children, came.

    The first reason that Mom used to motivate them to stop smoking was the amount of monthly cigarette money. It was so huge! Imagine burning 3 packs a day -- times 2!

    The second reason was us. As young kids, we always had colds and coughs because our lungs were irritated by the smoke from their cigarettes. Even though they often tried to smoke outside the house, their addiction to smoking would inevitably attack during the times they were taking care of our baby needs.

    Mom forced herself to quit using cold turkey. She found herself some hobbies that helped banish boredom when we kids were sleeping. Ironing clothes, painting, and writing.

    Dad was able to stop completely when my youngest sister was five years old and was able to tail after him whenever he went outside to smoke secretly. She would shriek like a siren the moment she saw Dad with a cigarette. It was effective.

    After more than ten years of non-smoking, they both admit to still feeling a secret craving for a cigarette. Thankfully, the high price tagged to a stick or a pack of cigarette is enough deterrent.

    Another important obstacle is the hobby that lasts until now. Mom has become a full-pledged writer. And since Dad always supports her, he was also able to stay away from smoking.

    I could just say 'love and family' to answer this question but I always feel that our story is good enough to tell.

    Thank you for posting this question. smile

  4. cpvr profile image61
    cpvrposted 8 years ago

    Stay away from people that smoke - stay in your room, get some rest because when you stop smoking - you get tired, headaches, and anything else. I know that's how I felt when I tried to quit before.

    Also, when you have thoughts of smoking a cig - just some sugar candy.

  5. David R Bradley profile image84
    David R Bradleyposted 8 years ago

    Don't quit!  That's my first tip.  What?  No, I'm not being irresponsible here.  I haven't had a cigarette since 2002.  I did it by stopping.  I choose to not smoke everyday.  In the beginnng it was a minute by minute battle now it's incredibly easy to make the decision.  The trick is to just stop.  When you quit, the reality of never smoking again is too much for the addicted ego.  You can handle stopping though.  Get it?  For more info on how to STOP smoking, take a look at  I've written a book on how I stopped and how you and anyone else can too.  Check it out and feel free to contact me for help.  Get the book, it'll be the best investment you've made in yourself in a very long time...

  6. Vicki.Pierce profile image68
    Vicki.Pierceposted 8 years ago

    Cold Turkey is the answer!  I quit after landing in the hospital after suffering a heart attack at the age of 42.

  7. daravuthz profile image61
    daravuthzposted 8 years ago
    I think this hub can help you quit smoking fast smile

  8. barbergirl28 profile image82
    barbergirl28posted 8 years ago

    Tell yourself that you can have the best cigarette of your life tomorrow. It's not that you can't have it, but just wait it out. when tomorrow comes, you will have the ability to tell yourself again, that you can have the best cigarette of your life tomorrow. After 3-5 days, the nicotine is out of your system and then it is more of the physical addiction. I chewed on a lot of gum and straws (just because I cold play with them!) The physical part is harder than beating the nicotine itself.
    good Luck!

  9. profile image0
    gamergirlPSposted 8 years ago

    Think about reasons why you want to quit. To live longer, for your family, for being a good example to your kids, to feel and look better, to save money, to taste and smell food better, think of all the illnesses that you might get, like lung cancer, many other cancers, heart disease, stroke, other lung diseases, and other respiratory illnesses. Write these down and keep it where you can see it everyday, like fridge door..
    Keep yourself busy during the day, start new activities and hobbies that will keep your mind off smoking when you have free time.

  10. Goodpal profile image89
    Goodpalposted 8 years ago

    Keep company of non smokers and work on the urge to smoke. Try deep breathing, replacing thoughts of smoking with something else, keep with you something that you like to eat (candy, chewing gum, etc) and use that when the urge comes, etc.

    Also check reasons for the urge: emotional support? to clear the mind? to relax? or something else. Here you might find the clue to quitting it. Good Luck.

  11. maverickserp profile image60
    maverickserpposted 8 years ago

    There are lots of ways you can quit smoking, just as the others suggested here.

    All you need to have is a commitment to end it.

  12. johnnyhub profile image56
    johnnyhubposted 8 years ago

    The best thing that I can tell you is this:
    Call your primary care physician and ask this same question.  Your doctor will guide you through different ways to quit, and you will probably find these ways to be about the most cost effective methods that you can find.  In other words, if one method doesn't work, there are other methods that may work better for you.

    Secondly, if you are successful at quitting, don't start again.

    Good luck!!

  13. GoGranny profile image73
    GoGrannyposted 8 years ago

    It is such an individual thing. We all have different reasons why we continue to smoke  - but the addiction is the same. Trying to use intelligence to battle the will creates self-doubt and frustration. Each smoker must pursue their own personal avenue towards quitting. In the meantime we can at least try to be smarter about smoking...hope this helps...


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