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How can I improve upon my self esteem?

  1. elvit profile image58
    elvitposted 7 years ago

    How can I improve upon my self esteem?

  2. bernieadkins profile image59
    bernieadkinsposted 7 years ago

    Self esteem is not something that can be improved in a matter of minutes or days. It's probably taken months or years to lose your sense of esteem or self worth so one might expect it could take as long to recover.

    Of course there are various ways, books, doctors and answers to this question but here is some advice my grandmother gave me years ago -

    "When you feel your worst - Dress your best."

    When you get up in the morning and you are feeling sad, depressed or just not quite yourself, put on the best outfit you have and pay attention to your hygiene, hair and make-up before you start your day. You will be amazed how taking time for yourself to make you look good FOR YOU can boost your confidence and mood. Day after day of feeling good will ultimately improve your sense of self.

    It's almost impossible to feel bad when you are dressed your best!

  3. albc profile image60
    albcposted 7 years ago

    simple - remind yourself at least 3 good things you have done today before you sleep. do this everyday then you always feel good about yourself and hence improve your self esteem. good luck..

  4. Bronson_Hub profile image60
    Bronson_Hubposted 7 years ago

    You can do it instantly!  And just as easily lose it instantly.  It's there when you feel like you're worthy of it.  Our feelling of worthiness derives from none other than our busy mind that values and judges everything.  When we can let go of the past and create no ordinary moments in the present, it's possible to break free, but it's scary because we have to stop playing "let's pretend" and no longer blame the external world for our problems.

    However, our environment does influence us.  Living with someone who is verbally abusive or working with toxic people can and will drain you to the point where when the day is through, you seek just to keep your head above water and only have energy for that.

    You can start to improve on feeling good about yourself by telling yourself that you're worthy of having high self-esteem.  You are worthy of people liking you.  You are worthy of having your own opinions.  You are worthy of being a happy person!  Once you convince yourself and interrupt those negative thought patterns with positive ones, the changes will come almost automatically.  Fake it until you make it... except you're not faking it because you are worthy of improving your self esteem smile

  5. rhondakim profile image74
    rhondakimposted 7 years ago

    Do what you love to do/are good at (often the same things).  It worked for me with writing.  Although I fully intend to make money doing this, and haven't fully realized that goal yet, I already feel so much prouder of myself after seeing the writing I've done and the positive feedback I've gotten, from friends and even people I don't know. 
    If you're already doing what you love, in whatever form, do more of it!

  6. profile image48
    vyasvivek05posted 7 years ago

    You have already done your first step by entering into the hub for improving your self esteem.

    Self Esteem :- Self Awareness, Self Confidence etc.. are the similar words. first of all you need to learn to respect yourself and have to take the resposibilities of whatever you do.

    You need to treat youself with love and respect. You can try some auto suggestions for yourself like ... I am very confident. I am taking my all decisions correctly. I am seeing myself as a high self confident person..etc..

    You have to visualize what ever you are trying to achieve.wether it's a boost of self esteem or anything else. everyday whenver you get free time - you have to see yourself - you have to visualize your self  as a person...Full of Confident and High Self value.

    Best of Luck !

  7. sarclair profile image79
    sarclairposted 7 years ago

    You should tell yourself positive things, even if you do not believe them. If you tell yourself something, you are convincing yourself. It can take sometime convincing yourself something, but you will get there. Another thing, any time you start thinking negative, STOP, and think about something else.

  8. Good Guy profile image87
    Good Guyposted 7 years ago

    Try to avoid comparing yourself with others whom you perceive to be better than you.  Have a positive mental attitude, read books on self-improvement.  Improve on whatever weekness that you have or imagine to have. Avoid negative and resentful thoughts.  You may not believe this; spend more time exercising your body. Try to be happy at all times; smile.

  9. profile image0
    Suellynposted 7 years ago

    Here's a list of things you may want to try:

    New Beliefs - Discover what you believe about yourself.

    Toot Your Own Horn - A self confidence booster to use when feeling low self esteem.

    Pleasure List - Change your energy - focus on something/s pleasurable.

    Confidence Builder - Transform uncomfortable and painful situations - feel empowered and confident.

    Relaxation Video - Need to relax? A re-newing Stress Break.

    Think New Thoughts - Program your mind with thoughts that support your well being.

    Inner Messages Audio - Connect to your inner guide. What messages do you have for yourself?

    Practice Loving Yourself - Use this activity and worksheet to recognize your talents, skills and abilities.

    Positive Thinking Exercise - Overcome your resistance to positive thinking.

    Learn Your Visualization Style and find why visualizations improve performance.

    Use Vision Boards to stay focused on your goals and dreams.

    Acknowledge what is right in your life!. Use this activity to cultivate gratitude. The more you do this activity- the more you get!

    Transform Negative Thoughts with the Oops technique. In this video Susyn Reeve, Co-Founder of Self Esteem Experts, shows you how.

    Join a Support Group. The research is undeniable - people who join a support group do better and have faster results than people who don't.

  10. perfectperception profile image60
    perfectperceptionposted 7 years ago

    Negativen self esteem is simply you beating up on you.  You need to always believe in yourself and what you have to offer! When negative feelings try to creep in, work at counteracting them by thinking of all the positive things about you and what you do.

  11. mcrawford76 profile image85
    mcrawford76posted 7 years ago

    When I feel sad, I stop being sad and start being awesome. True story.

  12. T.Y._Hudson profile image62
    T.Y._Hudsonposted 7 years ago

    It's really hard to tell you what to do to improve your self esteem, without knowing the causes of what started it in the first place. Among the answers that I have read so far, no one has mentioned that, aside from Bronson Hub. The things he said are true, to a point. You CAN be in a toxic environment, and you CAN stick out like a shining star! My sister was famous for it. She would befriend the fat, ugly, dorky, and depressed girls in school. Then when she was out in public, she would say that being with them, made her look twice as attractive. I have gone from the highest of self esteem, "where I was full of myself", to the lowest, "where I was afraid to be in public", and all the way back up to having a very high level of it, minus the arrogance. I have helped out a lot of close friends and co workers, to deal with this. But again, it's hard to give a solution, without knowing the cause. I can say that having a solid and supportive boyfriend/girlfriend, is very big for self esteem. Having someone to tell you and show you that you are attractive to them, every single day, is great!
    All the people who have answered this question so far, are simply taking blind shots into the dark! I'm sorry that I can't offer up any serious advice. I won't do so without knowing the reasons for the low self esteem. In reality, you could end up taking the wrong advice, and making the self esteem worse. If someone tells you to try losing weight, and you are someone struggling anorexia... well they just kicked you in groin. Now if I happen to get an e mail from a fellow hubber, who would like someone to talk to, who can probably give them some great advice, then I would be glad to help. Otherwise, the only thing I can say is to go to a professional. They won't give you an anecdote before getting to the root of the problem. Possibly, they might prescribe so OTC St. John's Wort. But yea, doctor, or open up to someone like me, if you can't afford one!

  13. Mark Upshaw profile image59
    Mark Upshawposted 7 years ago

    Create new positive emotional anchors for yourself, so that when you think of who you are, you identify with these positive emotional anchors.  Actually, it is better and easier for you to read Anthony Robbins work in his primary two books where the mental and emotional technology is explained thoroughly.

  14. sweetescape profile image55
    sweetescapeposted 7 years ago

    Always be positive. Then, better know your strengths and weaknesses so you will know what you can use and what you can improve. Keep in mind that you are great! And lastly, as much as possible be surrounded with people who have a positive outlook in life, they can help you boost your self-esteem.