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I dream a lot and sometimes I wonder if thats normal

  1. jessyferari1 profile image60
    jessyferari1posted 6 years ago

    I dream a lot and sometimes I wonder if thats normal

    I believe in connection, for instance I think of someone and the person calls, or I talk about something and something happens that somehow connects. In some cases I dream about things and they come through in the oddest ways. Meaning not so obvious but as if its a distant memory. I dream a lot and something inside me tells me my dreams might mean something. Do they really mean anything besides me just dreaming and in some instance solving my problems though dreams??

  2. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image97
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 6 years ago

    I have to say this - but I've no idea if it applies to you, or not.  I used to take a huge daily dose of prozac, and that stuff set my dream life on fire.  I had wild, crazy, psychedelic dreams all night every night.

    So if you take an SSRI . . . .then that could seriously affect your dreams, and dreaming.

  3. Shahid Bukhari profile image59
    Shahid Bukhariposted 6 years ago

    Please specify,

    Whether you Dream in the Conventional sense, meaning, going to sleep and then Dreaming like normal people dream, ... Remembering the Latest, or the Earliest Dreamt... forgetting all the rest, upon waking ...

    Or, do Day Dreaming ... Meaning, shut your eyes and go into a half-Wakeful state, of Day-Dreaming ... Planning, or doing some Associated, or Free Thinking ...

    Or, Reminisce ... betwixt, the state of Half-Wakefulness, that occurs, just before you enter the state of Sleep ... your freely indulging, in Reveries ...

    Reckon, as long as these States, do not influence your daily life ... there is nothing wrong with dreaming ... But ... Precognition, and you Effecting, things and Happenings, are the subject of Metaphysics.

    So you have to be more Specific, before I can state my views, on the subject of Sleep, and its Associated States of Dreaming, along with the Metaphysical aspect of Dreaming.

  4. jessyferari1 profile image60
    jessyferari1posted 6 years ago

    Wesman i do not take any sort of medication... but i do have to go with shahid's train of thought. I am the kind of person that dreams a lot of the things and see. I have bad dreams that have to do with abandonment, i also incorporate the things i see in my everyday life into my dreams. It takes me no time to dream as long as i close my eyes it doesn't have to be a deep sleep either.

  5. shiloh01 profile image55
    shiloh01posted 6 years ago

    It happen and its normal too. We see dreams when our subconscious brain activates and subconscious brains is much much powerful than our active brain., It helps us see things that are ought to happen. OS believe in dreams for Joseph was a dreamer too and this shows that dreams have meaning and they are not senseless.

  6. Sue B. profile image96
    Sue B.posted 6 years ago

    I think dreams can be a lot of things and are beautiful.  I do think a main function of dreams are to process the information of the day, sort out our thoughts and feelings, and solve problems without distractions.  To answer your question- I am sure dreams are much more as I am more there is more to life.   What else dreams are, I cannot say but I acknowledge there is more to life than I am aware of or could understand and I find assuming I know everything about something just because I don't know anything else on the subject is a very narrow perspective.
    You seem to believe in either a spiritual connection, psychic ability or some sort of "collective consciousness (Carl Jung)".  Those are concepts I struggle with and I do not embrace without some hesitation.  I also can't seem to wrap my mind around theoretical physics and rocket science but that doesn't mean it's wrong- I just really don't get it!
    In sum, I think dreams can be many things and are one of our greatest tools.  I don't think dreams just have one function just like the act of thinking wouldn't have only one function- it depends on the type of thoughts, the complexity of thoughts, the purpose of our thoughts, etc. 
    As for what you believe regarding connections- I struggle with it. In some ways I believe things are just coincidences and the human mind has a way of connecting dots-- even when the dots don't actually connect.  On the other hand I acknowledge there could be much more that I do not see or accept.  So, I think it's all a possibility.