How do I know if I have ocpd

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    mrslane2912posted 6 years ago

    How do I know if I have ocpd

    Am very picky when am at a restaurant or a doctors office or when am at home if something is not straight or from big to little or if the condiments is not in its right place I fix it to where it looks good and everyone will stair at me when I do that

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    La Papillonposted 6 years ago

    I'm guessing you like predictability in your life. When things are anticipated and you may already have a vision of how things will turn out. perhaps when they don't happen as you may anticipate, you may be rattled a bit?

    Compulsive behaviours can stem from anxiety/ies and a need to control (not necessarily in an aggressive way - can be passive) the environment around you for you to feel comfortable or organized in a way that you feel better about.
    There can be many reasons why one can check, change or reorganize things sometimes or consistantly.
    Such anxieties can be triggered by an 'event' or an innate part of your being.

    If you are seeking a firm answer to your question of whether you possibly have opcd, consult a trusted health professional, who can help you with your possible 'symptoms' descriptions (as expressed by you) and explain further or clarify your suspicions).

    All the best wink

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    mandypooleposted 6 years ago

    Someone with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder is extremely concerned with perfectionism,and live by very strict routines and high standards. They feel like they have to control everything around them and others too- which obviously puts a strain on the sufferers relationships.

    It can affect every area of their life, and interfere markedly with their career, education, social life and relationships/friendships. It is an anxiety disorder, and sufferers may also experience obsessions and compulsions (OCD).

    It sounds like what you are experiencing is mild OCD rather than OCPD, unless there are any other symptoms you are experiencing? Lining objects up, from large to small, ensuring that items are straight etc and feeling extremely anxious are typical of OCD.

    Go to your Doctor and explain all your worries, anxieties and symptoms, that is the best advice I can give.  If it is really getting to you, then the earlier you seek help the quicker you can get on to the road to recovery.