What is your say about Obama's plans for health care?

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  1. kareljones profile image50
    kareljonesposted 8 years ago

    do you agree that he needs to take seriously the standards outlined by Grijalva and the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

  2. Dark knight rides profile image72
    Dark knight ridesposted 8 years ago

    I think that all the special interest groups have used fear and misinformation to make sure that the topic is about emotion rather than about what's actually best for the people of the US. What bothers me about the whole debate is that it shows American's are more concerned about holding onto what's "mine" than they are about the health, well-being and success of our nation.

    Why can't people see that if we can provide reasonable health insurance for everyone, and make sure those in the health industry, especially the insurance companies, are looking out for the well being of the people who depend on them, rather than their profit margins, then we can all be more successful. If people can go to the doctor without having to file bankruptcy after, then we can all be assured of being healthier. And if we're healthier, we can be more productive, not just at work, but in our personal lives. That mean's fewer high expense claims for insurance companies to pay. That means more time with family and friends. Why does that thought bother people?

    1. Michael Willis profile image79
      Michael Willisposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Excellent point! I agree with you. This is why I watch C-Span so I can see the Congressional hearing, discussions and hear for the mouth of the people making decisions instead of watching TV Ads, reading newspaper and internet stories. I also prefer sending letters to my congressman and ask him/her their reasons for what they are doing. That way I can tell if they are listening or just blowing me off and following their own agenda.

  3. Dark knight rides profile image72
    Dark knight ridesposted 8 years ago

    Michael, that's great. I mean the whole point of forming the government we have was so the citizens have an opportunity to participate, to make their opinions known to the leaders. I think its great, and rare, to hear some one willing to invest their time in our country.
    Thank you.

  4. Jery profile image57
    Jeryposted 8 years ago

    I saw an interesting newspaper article the other day which compared residents opinions about the government provided health care in several of the countries that have it (Canada, Holland, etc.) I was surprised (after the big hoopla here) that the people who live there like it and feel they get good service. A large percentage were very happy with it. I think it would be a good thing here in the US, but with the government running it, it's bound to cost us an arm and a leg!

  5. JohnnyComeLately profile image73
    JohnnyComeLatelyposted 8 years ago

    Let's put it this way.  I buy my insurance through the individual market, and I'd have to write about 150 hubs a month just to pay the insurance bill.  Do we need reform?  Hell, yeah!

    1. mythomark profile image33
      mythomarkposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      [So you want a national health plan.
      Have you been to your local post office lately.

      I live in New York City. For years my post office had a little store for people to buy mailing supplies, tape, boxes, envelopes, stamps.  This kept the line for postal business to a reasonable size.

      I spoke to one of the clerks one day.  He told me that this post office had the highest sales of those items, of any post office in the country. It was convenient, and well stocked.

      A little over a year ago, for no reason, they ripped out the store and changed it to a dedicated passport desk.  Now it is closed most of the time, due to lack of interest, and the lines for postal service, and mailing supplies, all combined are three times longer.

      Why am I talking about the USPS, in a hub about health care?  Stay with me. 

      The USPS has been around what 200 years.  They have had 200 years to get it right, and they fail.

      Can you imagine what would happen if the government was in charge of your health care.


  6. jiberish profile image72
    jiberishposted 8 years ago

    This is my opinion.  I spend most of today reading the 'new' health plan.  I have read all the bills so far, and here is my conclusion.  First, in order to read and understand you have to have both the old and revised version side by side for reference.  Nothing much has changed but the verbiage, for example: on Illegals - they will be covered under the word 'residing'

    (ii) is not such a citizen or national
    but is lawfully present in a State in the
    United States  (page229)

    OF THE UNITED STATES.—Any individual who is a
    bona fide resident of any possession of the United
    States (as determined under section 937(a)) for any
    taxable year (and any qualifying child residing with
    such individual) shall be treated for purposes of this
    section as covered by acceptable coverage during
    such taxable year. (page 299)

    As much as I agree that there needs to be reform, this bill is not it. But good luck to all who think it is.


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