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Who wants to start waking up early and what time ?

  1. awaqas1 profile image61
    awaqas1posted 6 years ago

    Who wants to start waking up early and what time ?

  2. Heather McMillan profile image58
    Heather McMillanposted 6 years ago

    I wake up at 6am now that school has started back up. I prefer to get up and get the day going, I get more done, but I do like writing at night. Just have to start writing earlier. No more late night writing and then sleeping in!

  3. luisj305 profile image84
    luisj305posted 6 years ago

    I'll stock up on coffee,you set the clock.
    lol,funny thing is Im up by 5am every morning and I need the coffee to stay up and alert throughout the day..Starbucks anyone??..,but at the same time I believe it is the same evil villain that keeps me up until 1 am....

  4. awaqas1 profile image61
    awaqas1posted 6 years ago

    interesting smile

    @ Heather I also write at night and I feel its works for me at that time, however I am going to swap my writing with my reading at night before bed and writing for early in the morning. How long do you usually write for ? and what time do you want to get started at writing ?

    @ luisj305 I think as long as you don't drink coffee about 3-5 hours before sleeping you should be fine but this also depends on how much coffee you have consumed during the day, I find that green tea works for me the best since its just warm or hot water with a little bit of flavoring.
    I think if you drink enough water and keep your body dehydrated it should be ok

    I am loving the answers for this questions, its awsome how dynamic our challenges and our aspirations are smile interesting, keep expressing your selves big_smile
    Give me more

  5. supplies expert profile image61
    supplies expertposted 6 years ago

    I wake up at 5:30 am everyday for work, I used to work during the day and then go to night classes to finish up my degree and that's when I was drinking close to 4 cups of coffee a day. Now without night classes, I am able to go the whole day without coffee haha, no coffee for 3 months now, and have been just sneaking in a little caffeine through tea here and there.