Can you help me interpret my re-ocurring dreams?

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    lizziejonesposted 6 years ago

    Can you help me interpret my re-ocurring dreams?

    Hi I would like help from anyone who is skilled in Dream interpretation. I have a reoccuring dream where I am on a lake we went to on weekends part of the time. Its the same concept where Im trying to call my husband but cant remember his # or find a phone that works. Im very distressed and almost drugged  during the dreams, and its like Im slurring or having a very difficult time verbally  expresing my need for help. The key thing that happens over and over is I am left by a group of people, and I am lost and need help, but cant reach my husband by phone. If I get a phone I cant remember his

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    ModernDisneyGirlposted 6 years ago

    To me it sounds that perhaps subconsciously you fear losing contact with your husband.  Not only that there is an undercurrent of belief that if you can't contact him, other people would be unwilling to help you.

    If you are under any stress, or feel that there is tension in your relationship it may be time to talk to someone about it, whether it's your husband or a close friend.