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Hi! Hubbers ... Does anyone of you knows how to interpret a dream? I'll be glad

  1. fiveup profile image66
    fiveupposted 6 years ago

    Hi! Hubbers ... Does anyone of you knows how to interpret a dream? I'll be glad to know. Thanks!

    .....I dream about a man. I heard him crying and saying "I love you". But when I saw his face as if nothing happens.

  2. Neil Sperling profile image82
    Neil Sperlingposted 6 years ago

    usually - only the dreamer can interpret a dream correctly.

    What do you think it means?

  3. fiveup profile image66
    fiveupposted 6 years ago

    @Neil Sperling I think it's real it's just that he can't say it in person...thanks!

  4. lydocia profile image61
    lydociaposted 6 years ago

    Dreams NEVER ever tell you something that is true about someone else. They tell you things about yourself.

    I could dream my mother is pregnant, and it would NOT mean she is actually pregnant or wants to be, but it would mean that I had a (hidden) wish to have a brother/sister in the family.

    That only the dreamer can interpret the dream correctly is not true. Many things in dreams can be generally the same and generally mean the same.

    In your dream, where you dream about a man who is crying and says "I love you", it depends on if he is saying it to you or where/to who he is saying it in general. If he is saying it to you, your dream is telling you you are in love with him and you want him to love you back, but he isn't interested in you, and it hurts. Dreaming is a way of dealing with hurt and unsolved daily problems.

    I don't know what you mean by "I saw his face as if nothing happens", so I cannot help you there.

  5. Jonathan Janco profile image69
    Jonathan Jancoposted 6 years ago

    I have read a variety of books on dream interpretation, from the psychological to the metaphysical to the evangelical christian perspective. All of them say that the symbols in the dreams are unique to the dreamer and intuition will lead you to the appropriate message. So, you're dream depends on what this man means to you. His profession of love could be telling you how you feel or what you think he feels or what you want from him. Only you can answer that. I have had many a dream with the same woman over and over and they haunt me, so I can see why you want an answer to this. But like I said, only you can determine what this man represents in your real life. And if you can conclude that he represents something specific in your life, then the meaning of the dream should not be difficult.

  6. profile image0
    reeltaulkposted 6 years ago

    UNfortunately I don't understand what you are asking.  I wouldn't be able to answer it anyway, if anything I would have given my two sense.  But what I would like to say is in response to what lydocia says.  I disagree because I have dreamed dreams that warned me about other individuals.  I mean my dream will only  confirm what I already know about myself, especially if I didn't want to believe it or was just in denial.

  7. calico Stark profile image59
    calico Starkposted 6 years ago

    Hi five-up,

    There are many books out  there on the subject.  I personally have been studying Christian dream interpretation for the last ten years and there is still so much more to learn.  From the research I have gathered it is true that in time you will be the best one to interpret your dreams but you must first understand "the dream code" that is developed  and meant just for you based on culture, beliefs and item association.  There are those who are spiritually gifted in the Christian faith that can pray for the interpretation to be revealed for your understanding. But this is not an absolute being God has His timing for everything.   I would love to help you with this process but I would need a clearer understanding of what the dream was about in addition to the information above. I couldn't fully understand it.  The great news is that dreams are meant to help us and bring wisdom.  Once your personal dream code is understood the interpretation will become easier and the needed instruction will be understood.  How do you develop a dream code?  In the Christian faith it  is achieved with daily prayer and submitting your dream life to God every night.  I hope this helps you! Happy Dreaming!