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Do you believe modern self help industry is based on false promises?

  1. adnanmanzoor profile image73
    adnanmanzoorposted 6 years ago

    Do you believe modern self help industry is based on false promises?

  2. UXdesign profile image38
    UXdesignposted 6 years ago


    I might just be a cynic, but I think all industries are built on false promises. After all, that's what marketing is for right? Lol. But in all seriousness, I've never been able to get through any self-help book and have never felt empowered at all by the crap they spew.

    But power to whoever gets empowered by them. I mean, I'm sure some people find fulfillment in the industry, else it would have been torn to shreds by now.

  3. profile image51
    michelegoldsteinposted 6 years ago

    No, I do not. First of all, I believe that most people who write self-help books or any other merchandise, do so from a desire to share what they have learned as to help others. Secondly, I believe that if you do the work prescribed in these books, you will change and improve, but one must be open to change. Some people want to change but don't want to work for it and some people think they should change but don't really want to. These are the people who will not be helped by self-help merchandise.
    The self-help industry does not offer false promises, only an opportunity to grow and change.

  4. thecollecktor profile image70
    thecollecktorposted 6 years ago

    Great question.  There are many self help books written about weight reduction, increasing wealth, living happily and other topics of self improvement we all want to achieve.    What is forgotten is self help means there is work to be done by the individual.   Just because they read the book or listen to a self help guru will change occur.      For many immediate results may be achieved but not all can achieve the same results.  Individuals are different and what works for one will not work for others.   When it doesn't does it mean the promises were false.   
    Some cases yes, others no.   The results time frame may be different.  For years,  self help books have depended on the charisma of the person who is promoting their solutions.   One book that we can depend on for help is the Bible.   It's message is eternal and has no false promises.   It does require each of us making a decision and understanding that God has made us unique and wonderful capable of accomplishing great things.   When we realize our calling, we find it easier to succeed understanding self help is a decision to be all we can be.

  5. vox vocis profile image84
    vox vocisposted 5 years ago

    I wouldn't say that the self-help industry is based on false promises, but some (so called) self-help gurus are disingenuous and downright dishonest about their services and products. Some of them promise fast and easy changes, but improving yourself or your lifestyle  doesn't happen overnight. One has to work for it.