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How to be happy all the time?

  1. Ruchi Urvashi profile image72
    Ruchi Urvashiposted 6 years ago

    How to be happy all the time?

    Whether in good or bad situation, how can we maintain our stability and happiness?

  2. prashantpujan profile image74
    prashantpujanposted 6 years ago

    It is unlikely that we would not get perturbed by any unpleasant circumstances or we would not show out happiness in event of good situations surrounding us.  Still to keep yourself untroubled, I feel that it could come only with loads of practice over a long period of time so that you could exercise due control over your stimuli. Meditation / yoga may help to an extent.

  3. Carlon Michelle profile image71
    Carlon Michelleposted 6 years ago

    In an imperfect world where unforeseen occurrences happen and things beyond our control affect us, happy ALL the time is not even a practical request of life.  However, contentment all the time is, and happy most of the time is definitely attainable.  The answer comes from the best source available.

    v3.  Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them.

    v4. Happy are those who mourn, since they will be comforted.

    v.5 Happy are the mild tempered ones, since they will inherit the earth

    v6.  Happy are those hungering and thirsting for righteousness, since they will be filled.

    v7.  Happy are the merciful, since they will be shown mercy.

    v8. Happy are the pure in heart, since they will see God

    v9. Happy are the peaceable, since they will be called sons of God

    v 10 Happy are those who have been persecuted for righteousness sake, since the kingdom of the heavens belong to them.

    v11.  Happy are you when people reproach you and persecute you and lyingly say ever sort of wicked thing against you for my sake.

    Yes, you guessed it, the answer is found in the bible and these verses at Matthew 5:3-11.   (New World Translation)

    Both contentment and happiness began with a person internally.  What you put out is what is returned to you.  When you put out positive energy, smile at people and look them in the eye when speaking to them, when you listen to people, when you help others and put their needs before your own, when you are kind to those needing kindness, all these things will be returned to you. Now not necessarily from the same source to which you gave but it will return.  You also will feel the rewards that come with showing LOVE and giving.

    That is where true happiness comes from.  It is not in material possessions.  It is not in the company of any one person.  It does not come from financial success or popularity. 

    Just give it a try and you will find contentment, and happiness will always be in its shadow.

    I hope that helps.


  4. Talisker profile image84
    Taliskerposted 6 years ago

    If you were happy all the time, it wouldn't be special anymore.

  5. Kreon48 profile image62
    Kreon48posted 6 years ago

    Start helping others with what you can. (word, action, etc) This will fulfill you, empower you strongly. You will be feeling happiness most of time, if not all the time. When you cultivate COMPASSION to others, it will unleash your inner hidden abilities and you'll discover how many amazing things you can do!..This is the only thing why we are here on earth - to help each other, to set free those who suffer. It can be even small insignificant thing, but it can work wonders.

  6. athena2011 profile image57
    athena2011posted 6 years ago

    I try to always find the positive in any situation I am faced with in life. Develop an attitude of gratitude and you will find that you feel happier and more stable in your life.

  7. schoolgirlforreal profile image83
    schoolgirlforrealposted 6 years ago

    It's impossible to be happy all the time, thou I've heard it can be done. IMO in order to aquire this most of the time, is to let things roll off your back- Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer has been my source- my education- of how to think positive.