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Do you worry about things in your life?

  1. dare2baware profile image59
    dare2bawareposted 6 years ago

    Do you worry about things in your life?

    Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

    Do not worry about the things you have no control over.  If you have no control, there is no need to worry.

    Do not worry about the things you have control over.  If you have control, there is no need to

    So either way there is no need to worry!


  2. lanealanea profile image60
    lanealaneaposted 6 years ago

    I use to think that all I do is worry about everything and everyone everyday. But, then I realized that its just that I care about everyone and everything and thats okay. What did I do about that? Well, I just decided not to be so hard on myself and things got easier then. Hope this answers the question. See, I almost worried for a moment that I didnt answer it. After traveling to the caribbean, I learned something over there, this is what they say over there... No pressure, no problem. I always laugh and try to do the same. Anything more troubling then this could be anxiety problems. Great topic really. :-)

  3. Ramsa1 profile image62
    Ramsa1posted 6 years ago

    I try my best not to worry but sometimes I do. I find that meditating and prayer help to keep the worries away.

  4. athena2011 profile image57
    athena2011posted 6 years ago

    I think it must be human nature to worry, at least a little. I try to stop worrying but always find myself, at times, doing it again. Prayer and faith definitely help me. I even feel guilty about worrying because I wonder what that says about my faith. That's a good ole Catholic upbringing for yah.

  5. perfectperception profile image60
    perfectperceptionposted 6 years ago

    Of course I worry but I try to gain control of it by coming up with and/or researching solutions that work for me