The Real Killer in H1N1 Swine Flu: Secondary Infections

  1. writepro profile image62
    writeproposted 9 years ago

    Meet the real killer in swine flu, H1N1, secondary infections. Many of the people who have contracted swine flu and then came up with a secondary infection, i.e. pneumonia, have not survived. Therefore, it is imperative that you take all the necessary precautions and guard yourself against getting another infection if you should contract the swine flu.

    That�s right, the real killer isn�t necessarily the H1N1 Swine flu�rather secondary infections. You want to protect yourself at all costs against a secondary infection. Since you are already congested with the virus, it becomes so much easier to develop pneumonia.

    One of the best ways to protect yourself from these complications is to prepare your immune system well in advance of the cold and flu season. There are several natural ways to build your immune system. Eating healthy is one way. A good balanced diet of 30% protein, 30% fat (no trans fats) and 30% carbohydrates works wonders at keeping you healthy. Avoid eating processed foods of any kind. Keep sugar and saturated fats out of your diet. You can use barley malt, date sugar, or raw honey to sweeten your foods. These and other natural sweeteners can be obtained online.

    You would do well to keep potatoes completely out of your diet. Although they contain carbohydrates, the carbohydrates in potatoes are not good ones. Bread is another item you don�t need. If you must have bread, eat rye. It is the best choice.

    Your diet becomes so important as does building your immune system with probiotics and elderberry extract. If you feel cold or flu symptoms coming on, begin taking Echinacea and goldenseal right away. Diffuse essential oils in your living quarters to keep others from becoming sick, and keep yourself hydrated. Drink coconut water and eat chicken soup for electrolytes. Eat only when you are hungry, and get plenty of rest.

    Avoid secondary infections because they are the real killer in H1N1 Swine flu. Therefore, you must take care of yourself whenever you feel flu symptoms coming on. Stay home so you don�t give your virus to everyone else. Although there are a few methods to protect yourself from secondary infections here, there are so many more ways that you need to know. Begin checking out the ways to avoid the flu or secondary infections, now. As always, eat healthy my friends.

  2. RedSonja94 profile image60
    RedSonja94posted 9 years ago

    Thanks for the great information.  I'm not afraid of the flu at's the other infections one can get when they are already sick that always worry me.  Especially in my younger children.  But I do try to serve healthy, home cooked meals all the time to keep them healthy too.  And everyone here knows that getting sick means  a big pot of home made chicken soup.  LOL

  3. jonmarsh profile image62
    jonmarshposted 9 years ago

    I read something a while back (even before the swine flu made the news) where some researcher was claiming that secondary infection is what made the Spanish Flu so deadly. Their ability to treat bacterial infections were a lot more limited back then.


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