Important information for my friends here re: The Swine Flu

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  1. Dorsi profile image87
    Dorsiposted 14 years ago

    This will probably be the most important message I've ever posted here in the forums. This message is not meant to create panic but to let you know about the urgency of the situation.
    You have a very small window of opportunity to prepare for the coming swine flu pandemic. Today the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the pandemic phase to 5- a never before reached phase since the ratings inception. Just 2 days ago it was at a level 4, which was another milestone. Level 5 means a flu pandemic is IMMINENT. These are not my words but the words of the WHO.
    We in the US are probably at about day 5 or so of the coming pandemic. For a simulation of what a pandemic looks like in it's cycle here is a good visual simulation:

    I have been closely following the situation and researching for the past week. This is a situation that we have not seen before at least in our lifetime. How bad this gets is anyones guess but typically pandemics can last about a year, evolving an even second or third time like the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic did. So mild cases right now would not be unusual. What is unusual about this flu though is that it typically can strike young healthy people, and many fatalities have been among that age group. During the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 an estimated 20-100 million people died. The good thing in todays world is that we have made plans for this so there are measures in place to deal with some things. But note what I said - some things. Even with good measures in place we cannot control sickness. Hospitals may become overwhelmed, supplies and groceries depleted- all sorts of scenarios can unfold.

    Here where I live, in the SF Bay Area, I am getting firsthand reports from my pastors wife, who is a nurse practitioner, and my niece, a medical assistant. At Stanford masks and gloves are required. All people coming in with fever or flu symptoms are being accessed. In a flu such as this cases can spread rapidly.

    Some people may think this is a false flag attack, diversion or whatever from the economy but don't let that stop you from getting prepared. I have written a hub about swine flu prep and so have some other hubbers. Read as much as you can right now and prepare yourself and your family. The worst thing that could happen is that you end up with supplies you should have anyway.The best thing that could happen is perhaps preparing might save your family from worse hardship should this flu evolve into an uncontrollable monster.Vaccines against specific strains take time, this is a new strain which has 4 parts- avian,swine,human and asian. A new and not seen before mix.

    I also have a reporter friend going undercover into Mexico at great risk to bring back some real video of what's going on down there. In Newsweek today there was an article about how Mexico has actually downplayed the seriousness of what has been happening in Mexico. IMHO, the borders should have been closed days ago but unfortunately the almighty dollar took precedence over safety.

    Please prepare yourselves and your family. Please don't panic but please prepare. As days go by certain items will be harder to find in the stores.

  2. icewave5 profile image61
    icewave5posted 14 years ago

    I know you are talking about the U.S with the swine flu, but for people not from the U.S, the swine flu  is not imminent, so in turn you really are creating unnecessary panic and fear. Ironic isn't it?

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      badcompany99posted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I think a Level 5 warning is not creating unnececessary panic and fear. This is a serious and dangerous flu that is going to hit worldwide so I think her post was really helpful.

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        LAmatadoraposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Bad Company is right...this is a very serious situation

      2. chicago girl profile image59
        chicago girlposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        I work at a large hospital and talk to many doctors they dont seem to worried they are compare this to the bird flu

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          LAmatadoraposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          the bird flu could have been really killed about 50 % of the infected people...

          and Spanish Flu is the same virus H1N1-A as what we are dealing with right now in Mexico and all over the me this is bad

      3. apeksha profile image65
        apekshaposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        M also agree with you but she must have 2 write this inn short or as hub...dont u think so..?

      4. chicago girl profile image59
        chicago girlposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        I am here in chicago and now know someone who tested postive for swine flu they have been sick for four days and on antivirus drugs and feel better!!!!not admitted to the hospital in fear of spreading the virus he was sent home. blood was drawn and sent out to GA. for more testing

        1. Dorsi profile image87
          Dorsiposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          This is good to hear. I heard that the antiviral drug was helpful for some. There is no vaccine.
          I heard there is a strong possibility that we may go to phase 6 real soon because of the high transmission rate.
          I have a reporter friend that landed in Mexico City today to report so it will be interesting to see what he has to say.

          1. chicago girl profile image59
            chicago girlposted 14 years agoin reply to this

            I am at work tonite and the grem lady, that is was i call her any way she tracks all the new bugs put out a email today that said that the all the blood drive were canceled in fear of spreading the virus and they seem to think that the bug is getting a little weaker

        2. Lissie profile image65
          Lissieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          Exactly- that's the norm- that's why there is nothing to panic about if you are a relatively healthy person living in a country with access to good nutrition.

          1. chicago girl profile image59
            chicago girlposted 14 years agoin reply to this

            we get new flu bugs every year,sometime think if they would not of used the word swine i don't think it would have been as big as it is. don't get me wrong any type of flu A can be deadly depending on the health of the person!!! and most spead just as quick

      5. MagicStarER profile image72
        MagicStarERposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        I agree with Dorsi and the rest of you.  It is not paranoia to be prepared for what could happen.  "The prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares - the fool ignores the signs and suffers the consequences"...

        It is certainly not fear-mongering to be informed and prepared and urge others to do the same.  (You being prepared helps me!) 

        Most likely, nothing will happen. But what if it does?  Will you be ready?  Nobody thought all our utilities, communications systems, banks, and stores would be knocked out of commission during the Ice Storm 2009 here in Western KY in January, either.  We only had a few hours to prepare for the storm.  Those who were prepared had backup heat and electricity, and had food stocked up.  Those who blew it off as "fear-mongering, and did not prepare, froze their asses off and did without. 

        At the very least, stock up on food and personal supplies, buy a good supply of bleach, disinfectants, and antibacterial soap, and get some masks!  Also, invest in some vitamins, and herbal or natural immune system boosters, and be as healthy as you can be.  These things are all good to have on hand anyway.  Just use good common sense.  If nothing happens, you will still be prepared.

        Not fear-mongering.  Just being smart!

    2. LondonGirl profile image81
      LondonGirlposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      There are confirmed cases in the UK, NZ, Spain, Israel, Canada, and I'm sure other places already.

  3. Dorsi profile image87
    Dorsiposted 14 years ago

    A pandemic is global. The WHO is part of the United Nations. This will be worldwide.
    This is very serious.

    From the BBC today:

    "The UN's World Health Organization has raised the alert over swine flu to level five - a "strong signal that a pandemic is imminent", it says."

    "Announcing the latest alert level after an emergency WHO meeting in Geneva, Director General Margaret Chan urged all countries to activate their pandemic plans, including heightened surveillance and infection-control measures.

    She said action should be undertaken with "increased urgency".

    She added: "It really is the whole of humanity that is under threat in a pandemic."

  4. icewave5 profile image61
    icewave5posted 14 years ago

    There are isolated islands far from the joined continents like Australia, new zealand, pacific islands, other islands. Swine flu can be controlled in these islands as its one body of federal government there. Although there are suspected cases.

    1. Lissie profile image65
      Lissieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      LOL We have international airports in those islands ... There are more confirmed cases in NZ than anywhere outside Mexico the last time I listened to the news  - a school party has about 6 or 7 kids infected. They interviewed their English teacher and they were so bored in isolation they were asking for copies of Macbeth ... A feel pretty sad for tourist operators in some countries but personally won't be taking any extra precautions. Remember 1918 happened before we had anti-virals and when I lot of people were malnourished after the war. Also there was no real concept of public health so that it was spread throughout the community because people went to public "vapour stations" - to ease their breathing.

      Interesting comment here in the newspaper that there has been a run on face masks - someone who HAS the flu should be wearing them - but apparently they do little in terms of infection control - that's all about washing your hands

  5. Dorsi profile image87
    Dorsiposted 14 years ago

    Here is another good link to follow on the swine flu cases around the world (this google map link constantly updates) Just to give you some perspective, when I first started following this map several days ago there were only cases in Mexico,Cali and Texas. Just within days this has spread across the globe, no reports yet in Asia though.(yet) … 84&z=4

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      mayaflowerposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      there have been reported cases in asia and middle east

      1. Dorsi profile image87
        Dorsiposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Here is the new flu tracker map. I guess google couldn't keep up with all the new cases.

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    badcompany99posted 14 years ago

    The World Health Organization are worried enough to put it at level 5, no flu has been put at Level 5 since 1918 which was the Spanish Flu. This one is at a higher level than the Hong Kong Flu of 1968 so maybe your hospital is playing it down to avoid working up a panic. Personally I am worried about it.

    1. earnestshub profile image84
      earnestshubposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Badcompany, Hal Licino has written the definitive hub on this virus I suggest all hubbers who are concerned read it. … ernment-Do

      1. profile image50
        badcompany99posted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Cheers Earnest, off to read.

  7. earnestshub profile image84
    earnestshubposted 14 years ago

    Dosi, good on you for writing this hub, everyone needs to know what to do and how this terrible flu is progressing. Lissie makes a good point about the masks.Very useful to save infecting others if you have the flu, and hand washing is a big factor.

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    pgrundyposted 14 years ago

    Thank you Dorsi. I agree it doesn't help to panic or overreact, but to pooh-pooh this, it's not a good idea. We haven't had anything like this in our lifetimes, so some people are laughing or sneering. I hope they are right, that it's all foolishness, but I think the reverse is likely true--that it's being minimized here in the U.S. to prevent panic.

    Seriously, everyone should have a plan even if it IS nonsense. That's just good sense. But it doesn't sound like nonsense to me.

    1. Lissie profile image65
      Lissieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Yes we have it was called the millennium bug - you know the end of the world cause all the computers were gonna stop working on 01/01/2000 I even knew experienced computer programmers who thought stockpiling water and food was a good idea.

      I was right on that one too :-)

      1. Lady Guinevere profile image75
        Lady Guinevereposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        A good one there Lissie--- only do you notice that they would rather be induced with the fear and not looking at the real numbers or info.  Hmmmm  THIS worries me, not the flu or the pandemeic---Pandemic Right!!  2800 people in Mexico--now how many do you suppose live there and the 28 in New York, now how many do you suppose live in just the City alone there.

        1. Dorsi profile image87
          Dorsiposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          It's important to look at the link I posted at the beginning of how a "pandemic" plays out. If you look at what's happening right now and the simulation it's just about on target.
          Yes many people die of the flu every year but this particular flu, the transmission of it, and it's make-up has many different reasons for us to be concerned. A pandemic is a different ball game all together. Not your average flu bug.

        2. Lissie profile image65
          Lissieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          It seems to be human nature that we have a disaster to worry about- it even predates CNN! There were many cases of people committing suicide in 999 because they were convinced the world would end in 1000...

  9. futonfraggle profile image68
    futonfraggleposted 14 years ago

    Dorsi, knowledge is key. Thank you for sharing this post. I have so many questions about this swine flu and to be frank, it just doesn't make sense to me. I've been writing about it, too. I guess you can say I'm skeptical. I invite you and others to check out my hub, too.

  10. marisuewrites profile image58
    marisuewritesposted 14 years ago

    Thank you Dorsi, I will and am taking this seriously.  My husband had a heart attack in Dec, tho mild he did require a heart stint.  We are getting a prescription for tammiflu and are purchasing some other items, such as tagamet and C and other herbs and vitamins that will build up our immunity.  also reading other hubs and my brothers   we all need to help each other be you, I think there is way more to this than we are being told; we need to use our heads and be wise.   thank you again!!

    1. profile image0
      pgrundyposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Marisue, I'm so sorry to hear that about your husband. I'm glad he came through it though and you are taking precautions. That must have been terrifying for both of you. ((((hugs))))

      1. marisuewrites profile image58
        marisuewritesposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        It was a very hard few days, but so much good was happening too as he had really good cardiologists on duty that saved his life and the aspirin we gave him at home did too....

        my cat who had been ill for some time, died the same night.  I was hit from all sides...and Lynn was pretty busy staying focused and doing what the drs said...god  it was really hard the more I think about it!!!

  11. composed profile image61
    composedposted 14 years ago

    Let's all take a deep breath people (covering your mouth of course).

    The 24-hour news cycle will stay away from this of course... would cut their sensationalized panic party short. … 6923.story

    1. SweetiePie profile image83
      SweetiePieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Agreed!  CNN did a report two days ago about how twitter has been a source of misinformation regarding the swine flu.  Please, please, look at official health and news sites and do not believe everything your read on twitter.  I think we should all be concerned as with many other things, but the hoopla around this swine flue has become a three ring circus.

  12. Lady Guinevere profile image75
    Lady Guinevereposted 14 years ago

    Here is some information about it too and it is from a Medical site.  It also has more information about any medicl thing in the news and not. … e-Flu.aspx

  13. composed profile image61
    composedposted 14 years ago

    It is media generated.  We should all be concerned more with the influence the media has on our society.  It's scary.

  14. SweetiePie profile image83
    SweetiePieposted 14 years ago

    Often these stories are blown out of proportion by people twittering and retwittering.  If you read sites like the BBC you can get the more accurate of information though, so try that.

  15. composed profile image61
    composedposted 14 years ago

    And on CNN's Website now they report that confirmed worldwide cases have "JUMPED" to 236.  Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.

    1. Lady Guinevere profile image75
      Lady Guinevereposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Now it's over 2800!  Wow just imagine how many of those who DON'T have it--millions!  Very over-rated!

  16. Dame Scribe profile image61
    Dame Scribeposted 14 years ago

    It's worse for people with chronic illnesses too. They will feel the effects worse. sad pandemics isn't anything to take lightly. Thank you Dorsi. smile

  17. Colebabie profile image61
    Colebabieposted 14 years ago

    It was once said that we would have a black president when "pigs fly." 100 days into office and swine flu! smile

    1. sunstreeks profile image81
      sunstreeksposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Considering flying is playing the biggest part in the spread,
      That's actually very funny..=P

  18. Bard of Ely profile image82
    Bard of Elyposted 14 years ago

    Dorsi posted:..."new strain which has 4 parts- avian,swine,human and asian. A new and not seen before mix"... Doesn't this tell us something? To my mind it means it was deliberately created because how else would all that genetic material get mixed together? Surely swine flus may evolve into other strains of swine flu and avian flus into avian types and human into human but a mix of pig, bird and human sounds like bioengineering Frankenscience to me!

    As for the media this is surely the usual way of creating panic and fear! I am far more concerned about these apsects than the supposed threat or spread of the virus!

    1. LondonGirl profile image81
      LondonGirlposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      No, it's common, that's what flu does and how flu pandemics come about. Spanish flu was similar.

    2. futonfraggle profile image68
      futonfraggleposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      1918 Flu Pandemic

      "An effort to recreate the 1918 flu strain (a subtype of avian strain H1N1) was a collaboration among the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory and Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York; the effort resulted in the announcement (on October 5, 2005) that the group had successfully determined the virus's genetic sequence, using historic tissue samples recovered by pathologist Johan Hultin from a female flu victim buried in the Alaskan permafrost and samples preserved from American soldiers"

      And then in 2007, monkeys were infected with a recreated strain, which displayed classic symptoms of the 1918 virus. They died.

      In 2008, the body of a 1918 flu victim was exhumed to study the RNA of the virus.


      Call me crazy but this pandemic sounds like Frankenscience to me, too!

      1. Bard of Ely profile image82
        Bard of Elyposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks for agreeing and backing it up with some evidence, futonfraggle!

  19. Eric Graudins profile image59
    Eric Graudinsposted 14 years ago

    I have it on good authority that THIS is how Swine Flu crossed over into the human species

    Eric G.

    1. LondonGirl profile image81
      LondonGirlposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      That child looks scarily like Isaac!

  20. Dorsi profile image87
    Dorsiposted 14 years ago

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to check in. I'm using my sis-in-laws computer because when I got up this morning and turned on my laptop I had the dreaded blue screen of death. My puter is now in the shop. Probably hard drive failure. I am glad to see people making preps and taking notice, this flu is traveling fast. The thing I worry more about then the first wave is if this thing mutates and becomes more dangerous.
    I hope all of you take care and get your supplies in order.
    And here is my hub that I wrote a few days ago about the swine flu. Hal also has some great hubs too. … -Swine-Flu

  21. Lissie profile image65
    Lissieposted 14 years ago

    Dorsi - seriously it is looking like its less of an issue than your average flu bug... This from the Ausralian public broadcaster … 557709.htm the original death toll in Mexico was way overstated

    According to the WHO a new virus will show up in the southern hemisphere winter before its an issue in the northern hemisphere … ion=justin cilck the video WHO Winter Flu Warning

  22. futonfraggle profile image68
    futonfraggleposted 14 years ago

    Frankenscience Continued:

    Why in the world are containers of swine flu being transported on passenger trains? … cf3b4.html

    Sorry, but I'm really starting to believe they're predicting a global pandemic because a global pandemic is being generated right before our eyes.

    From the article above, "The virus specialists confirmed that the samples being transported posed no risks to humans, police said." Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Watch the numbers soar in  Switzerland now.

  23. Lissie profile image65
    Lissieposted 14 years ago

    well I presume you'd be in line for a cure if one was developed - how the hell do you think a cure is tested without the virus its supposed to kill! Get off the conspiracy bandwagon!

    1. futonfraggle profile image68
      futonfraggleposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      The point I was trying to make was that swine flu was being transported on a passenger train. A PASSENGER TRAIN. You know, with people on it? Commuting back and forth to work?


      Wouldn't you be outraged and just a tad concerned if a person was transporting swine flu in a container on a Transperth train while your friends and family were commuting?

      Waiting in line for a cure? No thanks. I already have a relative that was paralyzed from the swine flu shot of 1976.

      1. Bard of Ely profile image82
        Bard of Elyposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        I am with you on this, futonfraggle! I don't want their cures or vaccines or drugs. I will stick with colloidal silver and MMS.

      2. profile image0
        pgrundyposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        When I lived in South Bend my house was two blocks from railroad tracks over which there was a daily transport of nuclear waste headed for a storage facility out west. Every so often the whole city would freak out about it, then it would be forgotten for awhile, then it would go away... That has nothing to do with this except to say that the crazy ass stuff that happens every day that is insanely dangerous would pop your head off if you were aware of all of it. Swine flu transported on a passenger train shocks me not one whit. I'm surprised they didn't have some 12 year old carry it on a bicycle in paper sack. smile

        1. futonfraggle profile image68
          futonfraggleposted 14 years agoin reply to this


          I guess it's one of those out of sight out of mind things. Sometimes it's better not knowing (maybe not for our health, but at least for our sanity). I just found that article so disturbing. Like, who approved that decision? Yikes! We live in a crazy world with all kinds of scary stuff going on. I know there shouldn't be any shock value left but I'm always amazed...

      3. Lissie profile image65
        Lissieposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Well there is all number of reasons to prefer a Swiss rail train long distance train rather than a local commuter train - but I don't think that's the point.

        The virus would have been in someone's luggage - its how you transport delicate medical samples. It was stated in the news report that the material was harmless to humans it was not the mutated form … 98,00.html

  24. profile image0
    pgrundyposted 14 years ago

    Viruses mutate and change very easily. That's why they have to change the vaccine every year to keep up. You don't really need any exotic explanations, this is just something that happens naturally. smile

  25. Dorsi profile image87
    Dorsiposted 14 years ago

    Well I'm trying to sift through some very strange information today. The forum I usually frequent that has been flooded with swine flu info suddenly looks devoid of threads. I have also heard there is some some pc virus affecting computers when people try to find swine flu info. Wierd.
    Something smells very fishy here, either it's not that bad or it's real bad and they don't want us to panic.
    Yesterday when I picked up my meds though at the pharmacy all the employees had masks. The owner of the pharmacy (he owns several) is a personal friend of mine. He would never ask his employees to wear masks unless he felt there was a very good reason.
    Something very weird here, and I just can't get my finger on it yet.

    1. profile image0
      pgrundyposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Lita Sorensen mentioned the same thing on another thread. She said that initially there were reports of four medications for treating it, then two--that the info keeps changing.

      What is clear is that the level of public trust in all of this is very low. I just listened to Science Friday on NPR and it was about this flu. Here's a link to their Info page: … picId=1007

  26. Dame Scribe profile image61
    Dame Scribeposted 14 years ago

    People in the med field dealing with people who have swine flu have to implement protective measures for themselves too. Its not strange. smile

    1. Dorsi profile image87
      Dorsiposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      What's weird are all the inconsistencies that I see. No border closures.No hard and fast rules. Yesterday at the doctors office nurses were worried but the doctor was pretty nonchalant. This particular office is filled with people that have come from Mexico. Why no precautions there if there is a supposed public health emergency declared in Cali? Perhaps they just don't know. All I do know though is I'm going out to get more supplies today. Better safe than sorry.

      1. futonfraggle profile image68
        futonfraggleposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        The numbers seem really off to me. I have no doubt in my mind (from various reports of sick people in the border states like Cali and Texas) that people are sick. But why have there only been 13 confirmed cases and 50 in New York?

  27. Bob Ewing profile image62
    Bob Ewingposted 14 years ago

    I too have been monitoring this very closely and feel doing the things that will reduce your odds of contracting this flu or any other (washing hands etc) is wise and should be done regardless of the situation.

    1. Uninvited Writer profile image82
      Uninvited Writerposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I agree. Proper and frequent hand washing should be done every day anyway.

  28. futonfraggle profile image68
    futonfraggleposted 14 years ago

    Just to clarify the post above: 13 confirmed cases in California and 50 in New York.

  29. Karen Ellis profile image61
    Karen Ellisposted 14 years ago

    Goodness Gracious People

    Get a grip.  You don't want to creat panic by writing a post that is about panic.  Stop acting like sheep (sheeple).  If anyone has half a brain they are already prepared with bottled water, food and such things.  This is just being smart all of the time.  There is nothing else you can do.  I sometimes wonder if we love to be scared (love of horror movies) or what.  This "the sky is falling in" attitude gets no one anywhere, except to bring up your stress level and, in turn, lower your ability to stave off disease.  It's not negative to say that we are all going to die sometime.  When it is your time, it will happen (period).

  30. AEvans profile image74
    AEvansposted 14 years ago

    I realize the fear some have and I work in ER , we take the precautionary steps, however I also believe the media is causing stress amongst the masses. It isn't anything that should be taken lightly, but at the same time we do not need the entire United States to go into panic mode. Here is my recommendation: Wash your hands, wipe the carts that you use in the grocery store. Use antibacterial soap and bleach if you can, stay at home if you are ill(period). Listen to what the media is saying regarding those (things to do) If we in the health field begin to panic and some have, then it gets worse. Personally I am remaining calm, as sick people need us and as for my household it is constant handwashing and in my sons backpack is anti-bacterial soap. We may not be able to prevent it, but we certainly can take precautions with out panic as we have enough stress in this world and adding another issue only makes it worse.
    Dorsi however was right for bringing it to the attention of others as some do not keep up with the news, and those are the people who normally are not taking the extra measures to prevent the illness.

  31. sunstreeks profile image81
    sunstreeksposted 14 years ago
  32. Misha profile image62
    Mishaposted 14 years ago

    LOL Another few sane persons around smile

  33. mohamedhmm profile image59
    mohamedhmmposted 14 years ago

    Swine Flu news and information; here:

  34. Dorsi profile image87
    Dorsiposted 14 years ago

    Just an update- stuff you won't hear in the MSM. My reporter friend is in Mexico City, I saw some good footage of Federal Police ammasing today preparing to deal with supposed riots about the flu.
    As far as I see in the MSM the flu is being downplayed so we'll see what the locals have to say. No better truth than straight from the horses mouth.
    I'm not looking for a conspiracy here but I also don't trust the MSM reports that seem to be flip flopping back and forth.
    Just my 2 cents.

    Here is his latest report:

    and real pandemic statistics and maps: shows confirmed cases, suspected cases, deaths and spread. Good link to bookmark:

    1. futonfraggle profile image68
      futonfraggleposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the information Dorsi. Now I'm really puzzled. If China only has 13 suspected and 1 confirmed, why are there 300 people in quarantine? Weird.

      1. Dorsi profile image87
        Dorsiposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        One of the reasons this is a pandemic is because of how easily it is spreading. Sources tell me phase 6 will be declared probably Monday because of the latest confirmed cases in Spain. (people to people)
        Phase 6 is the highest alert level. Let's hope this flu doesn't mutate.
        Phase 6 would give government lots of reasons to implement certain things up to and including martial law (not saying that will happen but it opens the door for that possibility)

        1. LondonGirl profile image81
          LondonGirlposted 14 years agoin reply to this

          We've had people-to-people in the UK now, a few cases, but fortunately (let's hope it continues) mild ones.

  35. Dorsi profile image87
    Dorsiposted 14 years ago

    Latest update today is confirmed transmission from a human to a pig in Canada. So it can transfer from human to mammal, and possibly mutate. Question is because it has part avian flu in it can it be given to birds too?
    I believe the mutation aspect is what has the CDC and WHO so concerned.

    1. futonfraggle profile image68
      futonfraggleposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I heard about the case in Alberta, Canada this morning. Crazy stuff...

      I was wondering the same thing about birds, too. If 'Influenza Virus A' can be transfered through humans, birds and mammals, and this virus is A/H1N1, is it safe to assume birds can become carriers, too?

  36. futonfraggle profile image68
    futonfraggleposted 14 years ago

    Just wanted to add - 200 pigs are infected with it in Canada. I didn't realize the number was that high.

  37. Lissie profile image65
    Lissieposted 14 years ago

    I guess that makes sense - if it can from pigs to humans than the other way around makes sense. Meanwhile in the weird and wacky level:
    1) Egypt is slaughtering all pigs - even though they don't have any cases there - guess as Muslims they dont like them very much and

    1. Dorsi profile image87
      Dorsiposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Hi everybody just checking in from the library. My laptop is in the shop. I heard that Mexico is loosening restrictions yet doing house searches for the flu. I think they must be panicking more over the loss of their economy than the flu right now. Meanwhile, in some other countries with sick people quarantines are being put in place. Cases worldwide are growing which was to be expected with a highly contagious virus.

      1. marisuewrites profile image58
        marisuewritesposted 14 years agoin reply to this

        Dorsi, just down the road from us in Tampa, 3 cases and 3 school closings...we're not panicking, but using lots of precautions like disinfectants and hand cleaning, covering our mouths when we cough, and not going out much.  No guarantees for any of us tho....just caution.

    2. Lady Guinevere profile image75
      Lady Guinevereposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      What a waste of life and another shot at making another species extinct--by mankind.

  38. Dorsi profile image87
    Dorsiposted 14 years ago

    It looks like the first wave of this flu is not as deadly as it could have been. Although there have been deaths and it is spreading, it seems to not be causing really severe illness. The concern will be down the line if this thing mutates, and that is really just a wait and see. If I hear anything newsworthy I'll post it here.

    In the meantime,we should all have emergency and first aid kits anyway, and stocking up sure doesn't hurt!

    Good article here from ScienceNOW:

    As Swine Flu Spreads, Its Chances to Mutate Increase
    By Dennis Normile
    ScienceNOW Daily News
    29 April 2009

    In particular, he says he is concerned that this patched-together virus might not be stable and could easily reassort with other viruses encountered in a human or animal host. The virus has now spread to Asia, where the H5N1 virus is circulating. Shortridge says there are strains of human H1N1 in circulation in many areas that are resistant to Tamiflu, the drug of choice for treating the disease in humans. He speculates that swapping one or more genes among these viruses could result in a virus that is more pathogenic or more easily passed from person to person or both.

  39. LondonGirl profile image81
    LondonGirlposted 14 years ago

    It's causing a lot of disruption in London - 5 schools now shut, for example.

  40. cindyvine profile image70
    cindyvineposted 14 years ago

    90 people get the Swine Flu and everybody wants to wear a mask.
    A million people have AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom.

    1. frogdropping profile image78
      frogdroppingposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      That, Cindy, was absolute class. Utterly brilliant!

      And unfortunately very true.

    2. profile image0
      LAmatadoraposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      OMG you are sooooo right Cindy...its amazing isn't it. The stupidity of some just for the fast thrills of sex

    3. LondonGirl profile image81
      LondonGirlposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I'd struggle to do that, honestly....

  41. Uninvited Writer profile image82
    Uninvited Writerposted 14 years ago

    I read an interesting article about the 1918 flu. Supposedly, that spring there was a mild form of the flu; then it came back with a vengeance.

    I guess it is just best to be prepared and practice good hygiene.

    1. LondonGirl profile image81
      LondonGirlposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      I hope it was mine (-:

  42. Misha profile image62
    Mishaposted 14 years ago

    Actually, good hygiene de-trains your immune system tongue

  43. morrisonspeaks profile image59
    morrisonspeaksposted 14 years ago

    For all of you who are concerned about the spread of swine flu, I was able to find face (dust) masks at Home Depot.  Drug Fair, Shop Rite& CVS were all sold out.  Then it dawned on me to call a hardware store, since these masks are often used when wood working, and sure enough, right there in aisle 7 of my HD, in the paint section, were all types of masks.

    I bought some basic ones, and then a couple that allow for venting, which keeps one cooler, they say. While I don't tend to panic in these circumstances, I am a planner.  So, IF I would need one of these, and any one of my friends or family need masks too, I have a supply.  Presuming we all escape this viral strain, I'll use them while sanding my next project, or simply return them.

    I would advise calling any store you are intending to purchase masks from, as many are sold out, and you surely don't want to be wasting your two most valuable assets--time and health on dry runs.  So, do your homework, and be prepared yet continue to live your lives.

    Good luck and great health to all of you!

    Ms. Morrison

  44. sixtyorso profile image73
    sixtyorsoposted 14 years ago

    Swine flu is real and scary too!. We had a suspected case in Mossel Bay about 8 days ago. I was holidaying in the district and developed a bad cold (still got it). But one starts to wonder. Did they travel to George (the entry point of that area) in the same plane as I did. Or were they in the airport bathroom at the same time as me? The permutations then start to get scary. Muliply the passengers by their contacts and start to figure out how widely and quickly this could spread. As it turns out, after a few days they tested negative and it turns out that they flew on a diffferent flight on a different day. So I guess I just have one of my first winter colds (In SA it is now the beginning of winter). Anyhow hold on to the thought! Cough Cough! I don't think I met any Mexicans.

    1. marisuewrites profile image58
      marisuewritesposted 14 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Sixtyorso, take that vitamin c, and calcium, magnesium, zinc... and cimetidine found in tagamet...
      the cimetidine will fight viruses...anyway, you had a close call sounds like...and I hope you are well soon
      smile)  I rarely get viruses, but I do think this is going to be something to contend with as it "mutates."

      Caution, not going out into big crowds and keeping disinfectants handy, yet even using them with caution because they kill the good germs too.  Sigh, no guarantees, huh?

      be well.

  45. Dorsi profile image87
    Dorsiposted 14 years ago

    Hi everyone. The WHO is predicting a very large amount of the global population to get the swine flu. That is the nature of a pandemic, and the way that is spreads. We just need to be prepared and understand that this will probably not go away any time soon. In fact it could get worse and mutate into a worse flu. Please make sure you prepare. And if you end up with extra supplies well that's a good thing. Better safe than sorry.

  46. Dorsi profile image87
    Dorsiposted 14 years ago

    I've been sick for a week now,sneaking suspicion it's the swine flu. Very sore throat, hacking cough, dizzy as heck,fever on and off, body aches, stomach upset. The whole ball of wax. Not normal to have flu in June!

    Swine flu is possibly going to level 6 pandemic today:

    WHO Convenes Emergency Meeting Today at 2 pm Today

    GENEVA (AFP) — The World Health Organisation will on Friday consult its emergency flu committee of experts on whether the agency should declare a fully-fledged pandemic, a spokeswoman said.

    "The emergency committee has been convened today from 2 to 3 pm," said Fadela Chaib, adding that the agenda of the committee, would be on the "severity of H1N1 and also to review international health-related measures."

    The total number of swine flu cases has soared to 21,939 and the WHO has so far held back from declaring a full-fledged swine flu pandemic after raising its six-grade alert level to five at the end of April, signalling that a pandemic was imminent.

    [link to]

  47. nyliram profile image58
    nyliramposted 14 years ago

    Creating panic is not a good thing to do.
    Medical professionals don't usually share so much detail with ordinary people it is i think illegal to do so. Not the correct word, but not very ethic.
    Undercover papparrazzi.cannot be believed.
    I wrote about this subject on another Site, It was not in English and got alot more views than this one, so the panic is dying down I wrote it when Egypt was culling pigs, despite the fact there had been no cases.
    Panic worse than pandemic.

  48. Dorsi profile image87
    Dorsiposted 14 years ago

    WHO: Swine flu pandemic has begun, 1st in 41 years
    Thursday, June 11, 2009; 10:32 AM

    GENEVA -- The World Health Organization told its member nations it was declaring a swine flu pandemic Thursday - the first global flu epidemic in 41 years - as infections climbed in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America and elsewhere.

    In a statement sent to member countries, WHO said it decided to raise the pandemic warning level from phase 5 to 6 - its highest alert - after holding an emergency meeting on swine flu with its experts.

    The long-awaited pandemic decision is scientific confirmation that a new flu virus has emerged and is quickly circling the globe. It will trigger drugmakers to speed up production of a swine flu vaccine and prompt governments to devote more money toward efforts to contain the virus.

    "At this early stage, the pandemic can be characterized globally as being moderate in severity," WHO said in the statement, urging nations not to close borders or restrict travel and trade. "(We) remain in close dialogue with influenza vaccine manufacturers."

    On Wednesday, WHO said 74 countries had reported nearly 27,737 cases of swine flu, including 141 deaths.

    The agency has stressed that most cases are mild and require no treatment, but the fear is that a rash of new infections could overwhelm hospitals and health authorities - especially in poorer countries.

    Still, about half of the people who have died from swine flu were previously young and healthy - people who are not usually susceptible to flu.

    Swine flu is also continuing to spread during the start of summer in the northern hemisphere. Normally, flu viruses disappear with warm weather, but swine flu is proving to be resilient.

    The last pandemic - the Hong Kong flu of 1968 - killed about 1 million people. Ordinary flu kills about 250,000 to 500,000 people each year.

    Many health experts say WHO's pandemic declaration could have come weeks earlier but the agency became bogged down by politics. In May, several countries urged WHO not to declare a pandemic, fearing it would cause social and economic turmoil.

    "This is WHO finally catching up with the facts," said Michael Osterholm, a flu expert at the University of Minnesota who has advised the U.S. government on pandemic preparations.

    Despite WHO's hopes, raising the epidemic alert to the highest level will almost certainly spark some panic about spread of swine flu.

    Fear has already gripped Argentina, where thousands of people worried about swine flu flooded into hospitals this week, bringing emergency health services in the capital of Buenos Aires to the brink of collapse. Last month, a bus arriving in Argentina from Chile was stoned by people who thought a passenger on it had swine flu. Chile has the most swine flu cases in South America.

    In Hong Kong on Thursday, the government ordered all kindergartens and primary schools closed for two weeks after a dozen students tested positive for swine flu - a move that some flu experts would consider an overreaction.

    In the United States, where there have been more than 13,000 cases and at least 27 deaths from swine flu, officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the move would not change how the U.S. tackled swine flu.

    "Our actions in the past month have been as if there was a pandemic in this country," Glen Nowak, a CDC spokesman, said Thursday.

    The U.S. government has already taken steps like increasing availability of flu-fighting medicines and authorizing $1 billion for the development of a new vaccine against the novel virus. In addition, new cases seem to be declining in many parts of the country, U.S. health officials say, as North America moves out of its traditional winter flu season.

    Still, Osterholm said the declaration was a wake-up call for the world.

    "I think a lot of people think we're done with swine flu, but you can't fall asleep at the wheel," he said. "We don't know what's going to happen in the next 6 to 12 months."

    [link to]


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