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What is the best type of protein supplement on the market today?

  1. InfoFinder profile image69
    InfoFinderposted 6 years ago

    What is the best type of protein supplement on the market today?

    I have been out of the gym for several months due to a surgery, so wanted to build back some muscle mass upon my return to the gym. While I do maintain a healthy diet, I also want to feed a little extra protein to my muscles after exercise, but do not want to have to eat a lot of red meat.

  2. KimmiS profile image56
    KimmiSposted 6 years ago

    In my opinion, protein supplements are just a waste of money. The industry has severely hyped up our protein requirements. If you insist on eating extra protein, get it from a plant source, that way you are not getting the cholesterol, hormones, steriods, antibiotics etc that come with all animal sourced protein.
    I used to use VEGA when I did the P90X program. I've heard Sunfood is another good option.
    Look for whole food ingredients, and stay away from whey protein or isolates.

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      InfoFinderposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for answer about protein supplements. Have you ever tried a quality whey protein supplement and what was the results? I am still looking for a quality source that does not involve eating a can of tuna every time I want to boost my intake.

  3. m920621m profile image77
    m920621mposted 5 years ago

    The main thing to look for when you're looking for protein supplement, is if it's 100% protein. There are many low quality "protein" powders that claim they give you great results but then when you look at the nutritional value, you see that they have more carbohydrates than actual protein.

    Look for those that are as close to 100% protein as possible. I personally used Optimum Nutrition protein.

    Personally, I cannot really say what results I had with it because I always had a pretty strict diet anyways and consumed enough protein from food sources. But well, it definitely tasted good, was relatively cheap and I heard lots of people praise it for its high quality.

    Yeah, so I'd still get my protein from natural food but if you go for the supplements, then look for the "pure" 100% ones wink