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What foods have the most fiber?

  1. Danareva profile image75
    Danarevaposted 6 years ago

    What foods have the most fiber?

  2. profile image54
    akollipaposted 6 years ago

    surprisingly, popcorn has quite a bit of fiber (but also a lot of sodium).

  3. dinkan53 profile image77
    dinkan53posted 6 years ago

    Flax seed contains the highest amount of fiber. Vegetables like artichokes, peas, broccoli, carrot, egg plant, beans, spinach, sweet potato, potato with skin etc are fiber rich. Among fruits avocado, pears, kiwi, guava, banana, orange, dried fruits, berries etc contains lot of fiber.

  4. JeffreyS profile image53
    JeffreySposted 6 years ago

    Grape-Nuts is high fiber, and with no sugar to boot. And you can eat it cold or hot.
    Another high fiber breakfast cereal is Wheetabix. Trader Joe's has an excellent high-fiber cereal, called in fact Trader Joe's High Fiber Cereal!
    Except for Grape Nuts, these cereals are also very inexpensive.

  5. rcrm89 profile image59
    rcrm89posted 6 years ago

    Beans, lentils and legumes tend to contain the most.

  6. JustForHearts profile image56
    JustForHeartsposted 5 years ago

    Following foods are loaded with fiber and have got loads of benefits.
    1)Whole grains
    4)All fruits
    5)All vegetables
    Citrus fruits are comparatively high in fiber and also have got some more benefits.Too know http://justforhearts.org/benefits-of-citrus-fruits/