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Are the so called mid-life crises just an excuse for cheaters?

  1. Laura Frost profile image59
    Laura Frostposted 5 years ago

    Are the so called mid-life crises just an excuse for cheaters?

  2. move2move profile image62
    move2moveposted 5 years ago

    ...lol... big_smile

    Excuses are always there to be used, right?!
    No matter what reason people have to come forward with mid-life crisis, it's a popular & socially induced idea that has its main basis in the people's fear to die. Now using it as an excuse to cheat ... that's just to easy. All a question of the kind of agreements couples have in their relationship. As far that I realized, when seeing friends of mine who have what is called an Open relationship, the definition of cheating becomes pretty different, they treat each other yet with an amazing degree of respect and love. Makes me sometimes wonder but I guess there's not only one way to define love in the universe than just the one dominant in our society. But for under the common concept, it's just an excuse ...lol... like someone saying that s/he was drunk and didn't know what s/he was doing, or something like.."There's a Gene for Cheating" ... that kind of crap. In both cases just like in many totally different situations of that kind, people know exactly what they're doing but eventually don't get the reasons "Why"!
    Not being honest to themselves is one of them but ok, ... nobody's perfect!
    But a Mid-life crisis in general has other reasons than cheating. I only presume that it's just convenient to use it as an excuse, for men just as for women.

  3. MickS profile image73
    MickSposted 5 years ago

    No it can't be an excuse because there is no such  thing as mid-life crisis.

  4. fiftyish profile image60
    fiftyishposted 5 years ago

    I don't think all mid-life crisis is about flirting and cheating, but more to do with being noticed, made to feel important, still fancied, and so on.  It's more of an identity crisis laced with fear, false ego, and in many cases, a big fat dollop of inferiority too, whether it's fancied or real.

    There's probably more promiscuity going on amongst those on the right side of forty simply because opportunity (for want of a better word), is more available the younger someone happens to be.