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Is there a way to fight depression with natural remedies?

  1. ripplemaker profile image84
    ripplemakerposted 5 years ago

    Is there a way to fight depression with natural remedies?

    Depression experienced with aging mostly.

  2. Joelipoo profile image80
    Joelipooposted 5 years ago

    I have heard or exercise really making a difference with depression as well as taking vitamin B to help boost energy.

  3. Ms Dee profile image89
    Ms Deeposted 5 years ago

    Hi! The most popular I've heard of is the herbal remedy "St. John's wort". It can be bought over the counter in most any drug store or drug section in a large grocery store. I understand that used for a few weeks can get a person over the hump, and then stop its use.

  4. ladeda profile image60
    ladedaposted 5 years ago

    St. John's Wart is commonly used as a natural way to treat depression. Make sure you do your research however, as it can interact with other medications you may be taking. This website outlines the use of St. John's Wart quite well - http://www.mamashealth.com/mental/johndep.asp

  5. Jessi10 profile image76
    Jessi10posted 5 years ago

    Keep a journal with you at all times, and stay active. Doctors have told me that depression is caused by hormone abnormalities. keep a journal with you at all times, and write down what you feel, and when you feel a certain way. Also, exercise, and try to do the things that made you feel happy before you had depression. It can take a while to feel better, but you WILL feel better.

    Make sure you eat well, and keep yourself hydrated. This can also help!

  6. cathylynn99 profile image76
    cathylynn99posted 5 years ago

    sam-E, 800 mgs per day, has been shown to boost the power of antidepressants. omega-3's may also help. st. john's wort helps mild or moderate, but not severe, depression. and, yes, as joelipoo says, exercise boosts mood.

  7. profile image0
    lovingleavesposted 5 years ago

    I realise it's complex-a trained practitioner could help,but a B vitamin complex,exercise,a therapist, and weaning oneself off sugar (including alcohol) could all help in some measure.

  8. ShootersCenter profile image72
    ShootersCenterposted 5 years ago

    physical exercise, relieves stress, lower blood pressure, and makes you feel better about yourself. It'll do wonders for you mentally and physically.

  9. profile image54
    datadollposted 5 years ago

    Absolutely! Diet, exercise, socialize, positive self-talk. For me those are the biggest players. I also use CPTG thereapeutic grade essential oils from doTERRA. There are some specific blends that will help with emotion and mood. I am an IPC with doTERRA. You can see my sight at www.mydoterra.com/1742 and contact me through there if you are interested in specifics of using essential oils.

  10. connieow profile image79
    connieowposted 5 years ago

    SAM-e is a traditional supplement for arthritis. European doctors found it beneficial in the treatment of depression. It has been found beneficial in the treatment of liver disease. Side effects do exist. read more

  11. katieababy74 profile image62
    katieababy74posted 5 years ago

    I Have been reading a lot about the suspected links between some sweetners and depression http://www.naturalnews.com/022785.html

  12. Efficient Admin profile image93
    Efficient Adminposted 5 years ago

    Exercise and eating non-processed foods, and I find having a strong spiritual life is also helpful.

  13. pipmistress profile image61
    pipmistressposted 5 years ago

    pets can be a great help to relieve depression naturally, pets know how to make their master happy.

  14. teaches12345 profile image96
    teaches12345posted 5 years ago

    This is a good question. I like the responses on exercise. I am no expert on this topic but I would look into herbal remedies that aid the mood swings. Also, a good diet and positive surroundings would make a difference.