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Low sugar + Low fat = Long life

  1. MY FREELANCE profile image57
    MY FREELANCEposted 8 years ago

    Everyone, it seems, is trying strange fads or ingesting crazy concoctions to lose weight or improve their health. They want a get slim quick fix, or an easy elixer of youth, or something else equally absurd instead of to take the time actually required to improve health. The latest fad is called the 3 day diet, and it claims that, by consuming what it tells you to, you can lose ten pounds in three days. Come on, what are we foolish. It tells you to eat saltine crackers, toast, eggs, tuna, coffee, tea, apples, cheese. All regular stuff, nothing magical or “high tech” in any of it, and in 3 days, you're supposed to lose all of that weight. I have trouble believing it.

    If it is true, it is probably because of the small amount you eat on the 3 day diet, and it probably is mostly “water weight.” Water weight means that what you lose is mostly water flushing out of your system, and very little body mass is actually reduced. Losing water weight is actually pretty pointless since it just means getting dehydrated. This can be dangerous, and is certainly unhealthy.

    The best way to lose weight is the old, traditional way, in my oppinion, although it takes a little longer. You exercise regularly, eat lots of green leafy vegetables, and also fruits in moderation, cut out processed and fatty foods, and don't snack between meals. Also, very high carbohydrate food is not really good for your diet either as it will fill you up with calories. This is not a 3 day diet, or even a 30 day diet, but nonetheless, within a couple of months, you will be slimmer and healthier, and happier too.

    There are diets that are outright dangerous. The atkins diet, for example, works by throwing your liver into ketosis by eating nothing but lots of protien. This can cause liver damage, and in some cases, death. Nonetheless, it does make you lose weight at a high rate of speed, but once you get off it, you will probably gain the weight right back.

    If you are going to get on a 3 day diet program, one thing to consider is what kind of exercise to do to supplement your dieting. Jogging is very good, but can be hard on your knees. Bike riding is a little safer on your joints in the long run. One of the best exercises, however, is swimming, because it is zero impact and exercises the whole body. Personally, I like to swim for at least half an hour every day. Nothing makes me feel healthier or more refreshed.

    1. MY FREELANCE profile image57
      MY FREELANCEposted 8 years ago

      For good health

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        fionadeogposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        cool. cheers

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      bojanglesk8posted 8 years ago

      It's true; sugar is evil.

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      lrohnerposted 8 years ago

      My Freelance, you should make that into a hub. And I would add that it should be 'low carbs and the right ones + low fat'. White bread is as bad for you as chocolate cake.

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        Michelle Grooveposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        This is a little misleading. White bread is pretty much carbohydrate without much else, but most people would eat it as a sandwich etc so would have something else with it which may be nutritious. Whereas chocolate cake is full of fat (mostly saturated) as well as refined sugar. And it's usually consumed after a meal as an added extra, not as part of the meal making it more likely to add extra calories.

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          IzzyMposted 8 years agoin reply to this

          White bread is more than just carbohydrate. Do a google search on white flour and it will open your eyes. White flour gets stripped of all natural goodness, then gets it added back CHEMICALLY to make the bread in the shops that we buy soft, white and full of preservatives to stop it going hard after just one day. On Atkins (and no I am NOT promoting the diet) I didn't eat ANY white bread at all, and my arthritis symptoms disappeared,as did my other problems relating to my menstrual cycle (sorry Guys this has to be said) and I'm sure my overall feeling of 'wellness' was related entirely to not eating white bread (that and all the processed foods I used to eat).
          Hate to be cynical, but the processed food industry has to be the world's biggest industry and they get away with literally murder with what they put in their foods.
          Nearly all tins, cans, and pre-prepared packaged ready-meals etc have a HUGE amount of added salt and sugar to preserve the taste. If you don't believe me just read the labels.
          I have no problem adding salt while cooking fresh raw food, but I bodyswerve nearly all 'convenience food' because their salt levels are so much higher.
          That and the fact that convenience foods are few and far between here in Spain LOL

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            pinkboxerposted 7 years agoin reply to this

            Sugar is banned in my body. Try Stevia.

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      kiwi galposted 8 years ago

      My Freelance, it is true, sugar is not good for you. 
      You are what you eat....seems to me people have forgotten what good foods are.  Fast foods may be the cause of many health problems...less is better for the weight to stay off considering many have high fat content.

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        cheaptrickposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        You are what you Eat huh?That kinda sucks cause I just ate a Fruit salad...
        Is it begining to show yet?...

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      IzzyMposted 8 years ago

      Atkins diet isn't only protein. it's also vegetables and, after the first 7 days, fruit. He also recommended you drink at least 2L of plain water every day so protect your kidneys.
      I lost a lot of weight on Atkins a few years ago, and althoughI did put some back on, I didn't put it all back on!
      In defence of the diet, it did work, as far as I'm concerned it was safe because I ate as normal, minus potatoes, chips, pastas, biscuits, sweets, sugar drinks and white bread, and these are things that are best left out of a diet anyway.
      The only major problems with Atkins was that it is boring, and expensive - all that fresh meat, fish and poultry every day.

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        The Ropeposted 8 years ago

        if you are discussing the the short term diet, then yes, water weight is the likely root however if you are discussing the title of this thread then you missed some key points especially "low salt".  It is the #1 missed point on any healthy eating plan.  Check out my hub on the "Hidden Trap of Salt".

        Tuna, saltines, too much water, etc are all things to be concerned about...

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        mega1posted 8 years ago

        I had too much wine at dinner - I thought this forum was "Low Sugar - Low Fat - Low Life"  and I was gonna disagree.  Not the lowlifes I know! heheh - but seriously, I'm trying the apple cider vinegar to help lower my weight and reduce my blood sugar.

      3. kiwi gal profile image60
        kiwi galposted 8 years ago

        The S. F. Diet works really well for me.
        See Food eat it..hehehe..
        No seriously moderation is the key with exercise.  Too much salt is not good or so they say.  I'm off to look on some hubs about dieting.

      4. mega1 profile image79
        mega1posted 8 years ago

        I stopped using salt when I cook - and use very little at the table - but how to resist Cheetos?

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        prettydarkhorseposted 8 years ago

        plus exercise and less worries are ingredients for a long life...

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        Shealy Healyposted 8 years ago

        Yes, I never eat sugar. If I do for  some reason my  body becomes angry and sick.

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        Monsaposted 8 years ago

        I think one of the reasons it is so difficult to diet is because you can't stop eating. You can stop smoking, you can stop drinking alcohol but you need to eat. But you can decide to not eat refined sugar. This would cut out most processed food and a lot of home made cakes etc. Use honey instead it has a lower GI value and gives you longer lasting energy.

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        Dame Scribeposted 8 years ago

        Chocolate is bad for me, yeah hmm but I can't help myself, I succumb and surrender time and again, or fall into state of withdrawal and cranky for days sad suppose I need help huh? tongue wink hehe

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        MikeNVposted 8 years ago

        The meditation diet is not low fat and people live long.  Just look at the age of some people in the Greek Islands.

        Over and over centurions are studied.  The bottom line is they eat REAL food.  Usually food they grow themselves, they are away from industrialization, and they are active.

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        FemaleAbsposted 8 years ago

        Sugar is bad, but fat does not make you fat!

        Fat contains essential fatty acids that the body cannot manufacture on its own. Fat is needed for a healthy nervous system and as a source of energy. Also breast milk contains saturated fat, and it is the most nutritious food for your baby!

        Fats that are really bad are the trans fats. These are damaged fat created from partially hydrogenating vegetable oil. It can be found at your local fast food restaurants, margarine and in your potato chips.

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        tal g melposted 7 years ago

        I agree

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        lyricsingrayposted 7 years ago

        um, maybe hub this. Just a suggestion big_smile

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          tingyi2521posted 7 years agoin reply to this

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        jgreen1711posted 7 years ago

        You're right - fast weight loss rarely works and is not safe in the long term. One thing I wanted to point out is that regarding exercise, strength training with free weights is actually more effective than cardio training (if you're trying to lose weight), because adding lean muscle to your body increases your Resting Metabolic Rate, so you'll burn more calories throughout the day.

      14. Haunty profile image84
        Hauntyposted 7 years ago

        Plus the whole OP is copy-pasted from another site, so I wouldn't advise you to make it into a hub.

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          tingyi2521posted 7 years agoin reply to this

          It seems clearly that our only choice is tea. haha
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          You gus can google it.

      15. rambrose57 profile image57
        rambrose57posted 7 years ago

        All fats are not bad.  You should stay away from trans fats and saturated fats.  However, essential fatty acids like those found in salmon are good for you.