How serious is it to run 101.0 fever?

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    ibexgroundposted 6 years ago

    How serious is it to run 101.0 fever?

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    SidKempposted 6 years ago

    There is no short answer to this question. A short 101 degree fever, happening jsut once, is probably not a problem. But: If the fever spikes any higher, it is dangerous, especially in an adult. (Children tend to get high fevers more easily than adults.) At the same time, children can be at risk of illness, and a doctor should be told if the fever is over 100.

    If a fever of 101 lasts two days, or recurs, it is good to look for the cause.

    During a fever, rest, drink lots of water or juice, eat a little if you can, and do not drive or do anything dangerous.

    I'm all for natural healing, but I also take fever seriously. The key is that the fever is not the issue. The cause of the fever is the issue. If it is a one-time infection and you drive it out of the body, wonderful. If the fever remains, or keeps coming back, more healing is needed.

    If your basic health is strong, then a short fever of 101, one time, is not a bad sign. But if a person has chronic weak health, or a history (such as injury or drug use) that could weaken the body, fever can be a much more serious problem. Please take good care of yourself, and supplement self-care by reaching out to an appropriate health-care professional.