Could men be paying the price for living risky lifestyles?

  1. Anjili profile image83
    Anjiliposted 5 years ago

    Could men be paying the price for living risky lifestyles?

    The 2012 WHO statistics report indicates that more men than women are dying early in life.

  2. Brent Hale profile image59
    Brent Haleposted 5 years ago

    This has likely always been the case. Men have always had a more dangerous role in society. It is only very recently that gender-specific roles have begun to even out. So, there is no surprise that men still live riskier lifestyles than women. We always have. And, since evolution is a slow process, it probably will remain this way for a long time.

  3. endless sea profile image75
    endless seaposted 5 years ago

    Men have always been the majority in every field may be it is sports, politics or any other field the majority number of people indulged in activities like alcoholism, drugs and use of other narcotic substances are men. Even the life style of men for many decades has been risk taking (road accidents, major injury in sport crashes) so the numbers of death of men dying early in life than women is quite obvious. Men start the risk taking life style very early years some times like at age of 12 or 13 but for girls the extra protective nature of their parents helps them to be in control till their later teens so obvious it is that earlier they start the risk earlier they will suffer the consequences