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What is one food that you would never give up for a diet?

  1. nmdonders profile image83
    nmdondersposted 5 years ago

    What is one food that you would never give up for a diet?

  2. profile image0
    Sarah Hurstposted 5 years ago

    Oh, that is a tough one. If my health were at stake, then I suppose I would give up just about anything, but for me, it would be really, really hard to give up cheese.

  3. Georgie Lowery profile image95
    Georgie Loweryposted 5 years ago

    Chocolate for me. I don't think I can ever give it up. Still haven't learned to eat it in moderation, either, so I had to learn how to buy it in moderation!

  4. EmerKelly profile image87
    EmerKellyposted 5 years ago

    This isn't really a food, but I would never give up black tea with a little milk and sugar. It is the cure for everything that's bad, and a celebration of everything that's good. I love it!

    1. nmdonders profile image83
      nmdondersposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      This is so true, I am the same way.  I don't even want to say how many of these I go through. I'm definately addicted but at least it's budget friendly.

  5. kj force profile image72
    kj forceposted 5 years ago

    not the crust..just the filling....seriously, any diet should be a lifestyle change.. not " elimination" ...eat everything..BUT in moderation.....

  6. nanadolls profile image60
    nanadollsposted 5 years ago

    Ice Cream .... it is my comfort food. One does not have to have a lot of it to feel satisfied. I have been on a few diets. Did the YoYo thing. Lost lots but occassionaly I would get an urge for ice cream and a small nappy or even just a spoonful did the trick. I did not feel that I was depriving myself.

  7. Rebecca2904 profile image78
    Rebecca2904posted 5 years ago

    I think giving up food on a diet is a really bad idea, as it will just make you crave it more and you'll end up (unless you have the strongest self-discipline in the world) binging and then feeling bad about it. Instead, it's a better idea to try and improve your diet by lowering the amount of calories you consume daily, and getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet, but still allowing yourself small amounts of your favourite treats.