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Is this anxiety or something else?

  1. Virginia Lea profile image78
    Virginia Leaposted 5 years ago

    Is this anxiety or something else?

    Sometimes I will randomly get faint. Cold, sweaty, pale skin, and my hands get tingly. Shaky and heavy breathing. I have no idea why, there is no medical reason. I just feel lightheaded and faint. Beforehand I would always get pain in the back of my head and neck. then I almost loose feeling in my hands and the cold sweats keeps coming. I have also noticed this has only happened when I was in a large crowd doing something I have never done before. I almost passed out at MEPS, I don't if it was anxiety or something else. Can someone who knows what they are talking about discuss this with me?

  2. artist101 profile image70
    artist101posted 5 years ago

    I am not a doctor, but I too suffered from anxiety. After many tests, it was reveiled that I had hypoglycemia, and was in menopause. The drop in blood sugar, and hormones caused the anxiety. Until I got those ailments under control, the anxiety didn't subside. Other illnesses that can cause anxiety include, low thyroid function, hypoglycemia, asthma, heart conditions, and hormones, among other things. It would be best to seek the advice of a physician, to rule out any physical cause.

    1. Virginia Lea profile image78
      Virginia Leaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Good idea, I suppose this should have been brought to a physicians attention way earlier. I only prolonged it because I thought I was over it, then there I go again. That is a good idea.

    2. artist101 profile image70
      artist101posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      a good supplement which is an amino acid, is Gaba, helpful for anxiety. The explanation for this supplement can be found in my article http://artist101.hubpages.com/hub/menap … e-meltdown as well as other treatments for anxiety, and panic

  3. BlissfulWriter profile image69
    BlissfulWriterposted 5 years ago

    This is more than simply anxiety.   This is not a normal condition.   Something is way out of balance for this to happen -- either low blood sugar, or high blood sugar, thyroid problems, low magnesium, vitamin deficiency, or any number of things.  Treatment from a doctor is needed.

  4. Lisa HW profile image74
    Lisa HWposted 5 years ago

    I'd agree that seeing a doctor about it (especially since there are tingly hands, heavy breathing and head pain involved) is really the only thing to do.  Just by way of trying to be reassuring, though....

    Although the tingly hands, (maybe) heavy breathing, and pain in the head aren't what I've ever experienced; the rest of it does sound like it COULD be low blood sugar.  Low blood sugar isn't so much about how low it is, but how rapidly blood sugar levels drop.  Eating a candy bar or something like a couple of cookies gets rid of it fairly quickly. 

    Something I had once was that I had a drawstring skirt that I wore fairly frequently.  A couple of times I had unexpected faintness (and some of the other things you mentioned).  It occurred to me that I'd tied the skirt well enough to keep it up, but when I moved a certain way it would make the drawstring tighter and apparently reduce circulation.  So, I'd loosen the string and immediately feel better.

    As far as I've ever experienced or heard, if you have anxiety you know it.  It's not something that has the physical symptoms without your knowing you're anxious "in your head".

    Having mentioned a couple of harmless things above, it's important to now add that you could have a serious medical problem that you're just not aware of.  Besides whatever other medical possibilities there could be, many of the things you mentioned are among symptoms associated with heart "issues" . This particular set of symptoms (especially since they've taken place more than once) isn't something to guess about.   Let a doctor rule out anything serious and reassure you if the symptoms are anxiety (or something similar), but don't guess.  I've had "the shakes" from low blood sugar many, many, times; and I've never had the breathing, tingling hands, or pain symptoms you've mentioned.  (Maybe others do, but I'm answering from what I know for myself.)  I'm not assuming anything (and don't want to scare you), but the breathing heaviness and neck pain (among other things you mentioned) are signs associated with heart problems.  They could be caused by other conditions, but heart problems are what are making me say you should see a doctor and have that possibillity ruled out first.

    1. Virginia Lea profile image78
      Virginia Leaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      That is a little scary. Yeah Everytime that happens I loose function in my hands, and I can feel it as it's coming on to I got a warming sensation thru my body then it went cold. That is really scary. I should get a doctor to check that out.

  5. teamrn profile image69
    teamrnposted 5 years ago

    It sure as heck DOESN'T sound like anxiety. The getting faint, cold hands and sweatiness gould be, but loosing the feeling in your hands and pain is something you ought to look into.

    I'm a nurse and worked in neuro and neurosurgery for a few year and this sounds like something involving nerves, but not an anxiety reaction. Then again, you said you've noticed this before when you are in large crowds. There are phobias which can cause an anxiety reaction. But I'd check with my doc and figure out what the symptoms you have may be due to. All can be harmful to your health.

    1. Virginia Lea profile image78
      Virginia Leaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks once again for your expert answers. I always feel like there is SOMETHING wrong with me, but the weird thing is I had a complete physical at the MEPS and I'm sure if something was wrong they would have found it. I don't know what is wrong...

  6. profile image54
    Linda Parksposted 3 years ago

    okay so im 12 yrs old i had anxiety since feb. It sucks so much. I dont faint. I barley get dissiness. But i get growling (not hunger) in my stomach. It doesnt matter wear it is. and then i get a feeling were my stomache gets very tight and then looses up. I get deep breathings. i hate it. Im not realy helping you but im saying we all have different simptons. I told my doc. but she says go to a theropist or ythey have medicene. I still confused