How can you get warts?

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  1. xmetow profile image85
    xmetowposted 9 years ago

    How can you get warts?

  2. Lwelch profile image93
    Lwelchposted 9 years ago

    Warts are a virus.  It is a virus that is pretty common and many people have it or carry it.  They are contagious.  Genital warts now have a vaccination to prevent catching them.  This is good as genital warts are a common cause of cancer and I have seen statistics say 1/10 people have the genital wart virus. 

    I have noticed that when I have one, I will tend to get more unless I nix it.  Many people find though that warts will go away on their own once their bodies take notice.  They are more common when the immune system is taxed for whatever reason.

  3. Docmo profile image89
    Docmoposted 9 years ago

    Warts are generally harmless growths caused by Human Papilloma Virus - they normally are spread from one part of the body to other by our own hands ( scratching, picking) They can occur on hands, feet, face or genital areas. The ones on hands and feet are harmless and usually can disappear spontaneously although they may take months or eve a couple of years to go.

    The genital warts can be aggressive, embarrassing and can be spread through contact and need to be treated by medical provider . They use strong solutions of salicylic acid or podophyllum resin to burn them off. Laser treatment can also be used.
    HPV virus on the female cervix has been linked to cancer.. in one in 10 people but this is still being researched. A new HPV vaccine has been developed and can help prevent the HPV from stimulating cervical cancer in females. this is now being offered to all teenagers in many countries and is safe and effective. Bear in mind the female cervix can carry the HPV virus without any symptoms or a wart.

    There are many over the counter preparations for warts on hands and feet. plasters, salicylic acid gel or cryocautery ( freezing).

  4. CMCastro profile image74
    CMCastroposted 9 years ago

    Warts are not predictable. I have had at least two in my life time. I really think that a lowered resistance to germs due to being run down by stress, not enough sleep, poor eating habits and not preventing the exposure to infection can be the precursors to getting warts. Warts stem from a virus, and viruses are easily spread from being exposed to others who have viruses. Warts that show up in the genital area should be treated by a physican. There are over the counter products at the pharmacies to get rid of them work, but sometimes you need to repeat the treatment, and sometimes they are not helpful. Then it is best to consult a physician as well. The home remedy of covering the wart with duct tape to "suffocate" it and cut off its blood supply does not always work,
    I have had them on  my fingers. I think I had one on my toe once. I did taje care of it with the over the counter treatments, and then I just had to wait for nature to take its course.  But I realized, when I lowered my stress level, improved my diet and changed my daily routine, the comeback of the warts was nil. I hope that my answer fulfilled your need to know. I am a licenced practical nurse, so I enjoy sharing my info when there is a question.

  5. Alphadogg16 profile image91
    Alphadogg16posted 9 years ago

    U get them from Viral infections and enter your body through broken skin. Most are harmless and disappear after awhile.

  6. LA Elsen profile image81
    LA Elsenposted 9 years ago

    I only had one on my finger when I was 18 and I used an over the counter product like Compound W. It didn't work so I went to the doctor to have it removed. As for how I got it? I was working at a pet shop handling all types of creatures and my mother swears it was because of this. But don't blame the frogs. It is a virus in our bodies.


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