Does anyone know who is going to regulate the new Health Plan?

  1. TimTurner profile image73
    TimTurnerposted 8 years ago

    The new health plan will force every American who has a job (basically) buy health insurance or face a stiff fine from the government (up to $1,500 a year for families).

    Now we force Americans to buy car insurance because people can kill or injure others with their vehicle.  We have the DMV or MVD (whatever your state calls it) insure that people buy car insurance before they register their vehicle.  Some people cancel their insurance, right after they register their vehicle, to save money.  Random traffic stops helps back the system to make sure people keep their car insurance after they register their vehicle.

    Now, does anyone have an idea how the government is going to regulate this new healthcare plan?  Who is going to check to make sure all Americans bought insurance?

    Will cops now ask for your car insurance AND health insurance card?  Will a new government or state regulatory agency be created where we have to "register" our healthcare status every year like in the DMV?

    Who the hell is going to regulate this?  Right now, people without insurance cannot get denied care in the Emergency Room and taxpayers pretty much pay for it.

    If there is no regulatory agency, then this won't stop with the new healthcare plan.

    Has any Senator explained how they were going to regulate this?  Anyone know?

  2. Place Kick profile image53
    Place Kickposted 8 years ago

    From what I understand is Obama has a panel of doctors that will decide what treatments people can or can not have. So I guess it will be this government panel that will regulate the government run health care!