Do you expect to achieve your New Year's resolutions this year? Or do you make

  1. bumbershoot profile image60
    bumbershootposted 5 years ago

    Do you expect to achieve your New Year's resolutions this year?  Or do you make them out of habit?

    I've heard a couple of people mention their New Year's resolutions and then follow it up with an immediate "But I probably won't do it."  Or "It's my resolutions every year."  What your resolution/goal setting philosophy?

  2. lburmaster profile image83
    lburmasterposted 5 years ago

    I achieve 95% of them each year. I don't just make New Year resolutions, I make goals to finish throught the year. What do I want done? To save up a certain amount? To finish a certain degree? To take a specific number of courses? To redecorate one room of the house? The list of goals are printed up on a single page and posted on the wall right next to the front door so whenever I leave, I see what I need to focus on. (Another copy is in my bedroom and another in the office.) When I achieve one of the goals for that year, I mark it off and move to another one.

  3. RandombyBabbles profile image60
    RandombyBabblesposted 5 years ago

    I sure do!!  I don't have a 95% success rate, but every single year brings new challenges and new dreams I want to achieve and I'm not discouraged by my previous failures. I've always learnt amazing things about myself and the topic of challenge even when I've failed. Usually, I have one or two things in my resolution list that I know would be an extra challenge for me, and even though I know I have more risk of failure on those I ALWAYS approach it expecting success, sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't, but at the end I always win the experience of taking myself closer to where I wanna be.
    My philosophy is one of constant learning, taking seriously the fact that I want to become better everyday, so at the end of the year I spend quite some time doing careful introspective, noting how I succeeded on some of the resolutions and why I failed in others. Then I reevaluate the things that remain important for me and make plans to make it happen next year.
    Btw Iburmaster's technique of having lists as reminders works wonders to stick to important goals.
    I would say that when I set very specific goals like that I also have a pretty good achievement rate (90+), but when I think of my new years resolutions I usually think of personal and spiritual development.
    As you can tell New year's is a big thing for me so at the end my list is a good mix of goals and new habits I want to incorporate into my life for personal growth in the next year.