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What natural methods do you use to overcome your back pain/fatigue/Fibromyalgia/

  1. WVBards profile image59
    WVBardsposted 5 years ago

    What natural methods do you use to overcome your back pain/fatigue/Fibromyalgia/etc.??

    Supplements, yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation, book referals, etc.

  2. artist101 profile image68
    artist101posted 5 years ago

    Dr Teitalbaum is "the" Doctor for chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. Dr T, contracted fibro  during his internship, and went on to become the best in the care of these patients, and uses these messures in his own practice, with his patients. Cfs, and fibro is a mixed disease of many different factors, from thyroid problems, to infection, which can cause extreme fatigue and pain. the approach you take to overcome it will be determined by symptoms. Dry eyes, and mouth? You need essential fatty acids. Low body temp, cannot tolerate cold and heat? Could be a thyroid problem. Stomach problems, excessive gas, heartburn? Need probiotics. Muscle pain? and weakness?magnesium, dehydration. His end pain contains boswellia, and cherry, both effective for inflammation, and pain. Headaches, migraines? Butterbur. Insomnia? melatonin. Anxeity? Gaba. Depression? either St johns wort, or trytophan. Each person is different, and should be approched as such, which is the basis for Holistic Medicine. Give to the patient the very best, and only what they need. Nothing more, nothing less. Combination formulas can be purchased, but most have ingrediants that may not be needed. Thats why I recommend single ingrediant supplements, that way if you do have a problem with a supplement, you'll know what to avoid. Many CFS, and fibro patients just cannot tolerate prescription drugs, or the side effects.
    Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, do not eliminate all salt, or protein. Protein is the building block by which muscle is formed, and by which our brains and bodies are fed, without necessary nutrients our bodies cannot function correctly. Many patients have been found to have an underlying mixed infection, such as fungal infection, epstein barr, cmv, among others. I have written many articles on each of these ailments, and a natural approach. Your journey to better health has just begun.

    1. WVBards profile image59
      WVBardsposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      What an insightful answer.  People are different, and unfortunately some of your medicines we have used and found ineffective.  But that's why I started this thread - to toss around ideas to see what works for different people - as you said!!

  3. Dorothee-Gy profile image70
    Dorothee-Gyposted 5 years ago

    I never had to deal with the problems in question, but a good friend of mine overcame her long-term Fibromyalgia with EFT, after many, many other methods didn't work.

    Back pain has in my experience very often some emotional component, so unless you can define what that is and eliminate it, treating it can be tricky. My ex-husband suffered from severe backpain that made his life very miserable, and he was nearly willing to have an operation, but then he made a very important life decision and his pain was gone for good from that day on.

    Only anecdotal evidence, I know, but nevertheless interesting...

    1. WVBards profile image59
      WVBardsposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      This is very true, that back pain often accompanies some emotional stressors.  I do believe in the power of anecdotes : ) word of mouth and the sharing of experiences is always the best way to discover new modes of healing.  That's why I opened this!