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Do you think medicine is helpful or a killer...and why?

  1. livhappy profile image61
    livhappyposted 5 years ago

    Do you think medicine is helpful or a killer...and why?

  2. Ildri profile image59
    Ildriposted 5 years ago

    I would argue that it is some of each.

    On the one hand, a great deal of study and testing is done before any medications are released to the public.  I also know that some medications I've used have proven helpful, and I've seen medications do great things for others, dealing with a wide range of medical issues.

    On the other, in the United States at least, it seems that the key motive behind almost anything is profit.  In many cases, the most profitable thing is selected above the most effective or efficient. 

    It also depends on the person and the medicine.  Most medicines have side effects, and many people have allergies or other characteristics that could cause them to respond in an unusual way to a given medication.

    The moral of the story is, be careful with what you choose to put in your body, and educate yourself on the options.

  3. tomski18 profile image59
    tomski18posted 5 years ago

    helpful! just stick to the doctor's prescription for the correct dosage. of course everything that is too much is always harmful and can kill a person.

  4. peachpurple profile image81
    peachpurpleposted 5 years ago

    depending on the serious level of your illness. If you have diabetic, high blood pressure, heck, your life depends on this medication to survive. If you have fever or flu, I would suggest sticking to home remedies would be better than relying on antibiotics

  5. tksabresinos profile image60
    tksabresinosposted 5 years ago

    Medicine to treat specific illnesses like diabetes. Or things like your body isn't getting enough of this or its producing too much of that then having that kind of medicine is o.k. But things to treat things such as depression I would advise stay away from it. What makes someone sad and what makes someone happy is completely subjective and certain things can't fill those holes and you wouldn't want to fill those holes with drugs anyways.