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Removing wasp sting?

  1. brittvan22 profile image81
    brittvan22posted 5 years ago

    Removing wasp sting?

    need help removing wasp stinger. person that doesn't tolerate pain well in writing hand.

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    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    Do not use tweezers. Studies have found that tweezers actually squeeze more venom through your veins. Instead, grasp the stinger close to the skin with your thumb and forefinger. Pull out the stinger with one quick, clean move. Make sure no part of it remains imbedded in your flesh. Swab the sting with alcohol wipes. In the absence of alcohol wipes, use soap and water. Ice the sting to minimize swelling.

  3. Angela Blair profile image81
    Angela Blairposted 5 years ago

    This is one of those old fashioned remedies that many folks will view with tongue-in-cheek -- but it works! Use either cigarette tobacco, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco -- whatever tobacco you have. Dampen it with saliva and apply it as a poultice to the sting. Leave for about five minutes, remove tobacco and the stinger will have "risen" to the top of the bite and can easily be removed with tweezers or any other "plucking" type of instrument (including one's fingers). Clean sting with alcohol -- which disinfects it. I've seen this done many times and it's the rare occasion when the sting doesn't quit hurting and swelling doesn't disappear quickly. This is not recommended for those with severe allergies to insect bites/stings -- they need immediate, emergency medical help.

  4. artist101 profile image69
    artist101posted 5 years ago

    The easiest way is add enough water to meat tenderizer to make a paste. Apply to the affected area. As the paste begins to dry it will remove, and draw out the stinger, and venom. When away from home mud will also work. Taking benadryl will lessen the reaction, ibuprofen for the pain, an inflammation. Ice pack will also help to reduce the pain, and swelling caused by the sting. If you are allergic to the stings go to the nearest hospital and obtain an epi pen, nothing to mess with. Signs of an allergic reaction include, rapid heartbeat, itching in the throat, and swelling of the lymph glands. Again nothing to mess with.