Hives Can stress and have bad nerves do this to people?

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    debfrenchposted 4 years ago

    Hives Can stress and have bad nerves do this to people?

    Can you get hive if you are stress and have bad nerves. Get itch skin /crawly skin and feel like little bits. or is it part of menopause symptoms and what to do. and take ?

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    artist101posted 4 years ago

    All of the named causes may be the culprit. Among the otc products available are claritin, and benedryl if it is an allergic reaction. If it is wide spread epsom salt in the bath may be of some help. Although, heat can actually make them worse.
    The possible causes are endless, thereby making the ailment that much more frustrating for the affected person.
    Things to try:
    Have you changed laundry detergant, bath soap, body wash, or any other topical agent, including lotions, and hair spray?
    Have you eaten any of the top 5 allergen foods since the first eruption? peanuts, nuts, strawberries, eggs, chocolate, or soy? Keeping a food diary can be very enlightening. Other symptoms of food allergy include racing heart, headache, itching of the nose, or throat. Difficulty breathing, and swelling of eyes, nose, throat, or limp glands. If you notice any change, when a certain food, or substance is ingested. Allergy testing is recommended. Some known substances that induce a allergic reaction include aspartame, artificial dyes, yellow, and blue, sulfates, and MSG. Read food labels. Pay special attention to those foods you crave, they may be what you are actually allergic too.
    The stress vitamin is B-complex, as well as moderate exercise, such as taking a bike ride, or going for a walk.
    As far as hormones work to achieve balance. The symptoms include mood swings, such as being a b****, or excessive crying, night sweats, and yes itching, but not hives. Among the most helpful in the balance of hormones is flaxseed oil, and progesterone cream.
    It might lessen your stress levels if you knew what it was. Consult a physician, hormone levels can be checked, as well as the underlying cause of the hives.
    for more advice, and dosage amounts read my articles on skin health, and menopause.
    I hope this helps. I know you don't want to hear this but, be patient, it takes time o matter what the ailment.

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    MargaritaEdenposted 4 years ago

    Hives themselves usually are not caused by stressed, but stress lowers immunity and if person have allergies to something, during stressful times immune system is not working properly.
    Seeing doctor is a good idea to get a diagnosis before starting any treatment.