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How else can one maintain happiness

  1. chigoiyke profile image60
    chigoiykeposted 8 years ago

    I just finished a hub on happiness and am kind of wondering? how else can a stressed out individual be happy? I want to add another part to my hub. The hub is interesting.

    1. Lisa HW profile image77
      Lisa HWposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      This is corny, but the lyrics are true:


      I'm not sure anyone who spends his time thinking about he, himself, can be happy is likely to find his way to being happy.  It truly is when we're thinking about others' happiness we're more likely to be happy.

  2. bojanglesk8 profile image60
    bojanglesk8posted 8 years ago

    There are a lot of ways. To relieve stress I often rely on meditation.

  3. aefrancisco profile image68
    aefranciscoposted 8 years ago

    One can be happy if he/she choose to be happy. wink

  4. apricotmousse profile image60
    apricotmousseposted 8 years ago

    Be surrounded with happy people. Stay away from pessimistic individuals smile

  5. itcoll profile image60
    itcollposted 8 years ago

    weed out the things that make you unhappy and stick more to things that bring happiness to you.simple.

  6. wesleyacarter profile image50
    wesleyacarterposted 8 years ago

    well, i think, happiness is temporary. if you seek to be happy all the time, you will find disappointment. happiness comes when it may, and leaves. like the seasons.


    the only thing one can do is learn the cadence of his emotions, like the cadence of the seasons. and harvest at the right time.

  7. profile image63
    logic,commonsenseposted 8 years ago

    Happiness is being confident in yourself and what you do.
    Like Donavon says, "Don't do it if you don't want to, I wouldn't do a thing like that!"