What is YOUR assessment about Obamacare?

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    What is YOUR assessment about Obamacare?


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    teamrnposted 4 years ago

    What do I think about Obamacare (ACA)? i'm mystified that there are supporters. 'You can keep your doctor' Tell that to the people who have been shuffled around and find that their doctor isn't in the employer's plan.

    'You can keep your health care plan' is another one: Tell that to the full-time worker who had a plan and has now been make a part-time worker so the employer doesn't have to provide coverage. Is no plan; a form of coverage?

    'You can't be discriminated against if you have pre-eisting conditions.' I fell for this one. This provision isn't all-inclusive, across the board. Children and thoe from 20-55 enjoy the benefits. But those over 55 (on disability) and of medicare age are denied that benefit. And isn't that the age group that is more likely to suffer from diabetes, heart disesse, cancer, autoimmune disease.

    I don't think there's disagreement that all Americans ought to be covered; but the disagreement is in HOW to do it. How to give all Americans real access to the finest system in the world.

    There once was a figure of 50 million ininsured Americans bandied about. That figure needed adjusting and the final figure was more like 16 million. Still unacceptable, but a workable number.

    Then we play around with how we'll grant access to those 15 million. A much smaller task than 50 million.But there has to be a reason that the POTUS and Congress don't want the plan. Until they want it, until they embrace it, they're on my short list for non-reeection. GOP or liberal parity members. hasn't opted in.

    So, pardon me if I don't jump for joy at the ACA; 3 days ago I was denied one of the highly touted provisions.: 'You can not be denied coverage by insurance companies because of a pre-existing condition. I was; not for 2013, but or 2014. The pre-existing condition 'clause' didn't 'make it to the Medicare or disability 'side.'  And what demographic tends to have a heavy incidence of pre-existing conditions?

    It is still to soon to pass judgment. But the judgement is  based on my experience and what makes COMMON SENSE. Unfortunately, the ACA was put together to meet the needs and desires or special interest groups; NOT THE AMERICAN ELECTORATE.

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      Great answer!