What IS President Obama DOING?

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    President Obama has been in office for two terms.  He has FAILED miserably in most areas.  NAACP President/CEO Benjamin Jealous indicated that Black Americans are doing WORSE under President Obama's administration. The Black unemployment rate was 12.7 percent before President Obama took office.  Since President Obama was in office, while the overall unemployment rate was 8%, the Black unemployment rate increased to 14%.   Many Black Americans are dismayed and are criticising President Obama failed job policies. 

    Many Black leaders and the Congressional Black Caucus had hope that President Obama's $800 million dollar job stimulus conentrating on public works, infrastructure, and other government spending would increase the employment rate.  The Federal Reserve indicated that overall unemployment will remain at a high level during 2013 and that economic growth will remain weak for AT LEAST 2 years. 

    According to Huffington Post dated 9/26/13, the approval rating for President Obama has declined steadily.  It cited a CBS new story that President Obama's job approval rating is currently 43%.  The low approval rating is the result of his handling of the Syria incident, Libya particularly the Benghazi scandal, and the NSA surveillance program.

    The Washington Free Beacon dated 9/12/13 reported that more than 50% of Americans oppose Obamacare.  The report cited that opposition to Obamacare has increased 13% since January 2013. The Washington Free Beacon dated 10/7/13 stated that thousands of North Carolina residents are facing HUGE increases in their health care due to the new coverage rules imposed by Obamacare.   
    President Obama has failed miserably as president.  Let's discuss this.


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      AMFredenburgposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      If you look at the raw figures, white vs. black unemployment has remained at a steady ratio of 4 to 1; there are four times as many non-Hispanic whites unemployed as there are blacks. When there were around 2 million black people unemployed, there were over 8 million white people unemployed. There are 12.5 million black people who are below the poverty level, and 25 million white people. I'm sure if you check any statistic based on percentages and look at the raw figures you'll find the same thing. If you want to check the stats, start at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

      Until recently the unemployment rate has been going down at a steady pace in the black community, at the same rate as in the white community, maintaining the 4 to 1 ratio. One reason for unemployment rates possibly going up in the black community recently is that public sector jobs are being eliminated, in large part by Republican governors. The black community has for many years had a large presence in the public sector because of civil service hiring practices that tended to avoid discrimination in hiring, and unfortunately the public sector has taken a big hit.

      You can't blame Obama for not creating infrastructure jobs; you need to blame the Republicans who are refusing to pass legislation that will create those jobs. They have set out first to destroy and then to discredit Obama any way they can, and would vote against a cure for cancer if it meant it would reflect badly on Obama.

      A lot of the people who put Obama into office in 2008 failed to show up at the polls in the mid-term elections of 2010, and he ended up with a do-nothing Congress determined to thwart his every move. Instead of complaining, people need to get out and vote in 2014.