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Have you ever personally witnessed a miracle?

  1. Christa Swope profile image34
    Christa Swopeposted 4 years ago

    Have you ever personally witnessed a miracle?

  2. Purple Falcon profile image80
    Purple Falconposted 4 years ago

    Yes I have. Plenty of miracles happen in our world. One was when my cockatiel recovered. Treating birds when they become sick is a challenge. I count my blessings.

    Everyday is a miracle, the miracle of birth, of rebirth and the cycle of life when one plants a seed-simple yet so honest...

  3. Sri T profile image81
    Sri Tposted 4 years ago

    Yes many times. Sometimes there may be just an unknown explanation. For example, some people have prayed and have been healed instantly. Another example are pets. Some dogs have seen danger and instinctively saved both children and adults from fires or went to get help. Also money has been found at just the right time out of nowhere. Some can be reduced to thought transference due to a strong desire but others remain unexplained.

  4. pratoocool profile image61
    pratoocoolposted 4 years ago

    My personal life is full of miracles and challenges which a common man can never think of. Some may call it miracle, some magic and some also as superstitious.

    But i will only say that the one who suffer and feel the miracle can only know the truth and not others.

    In short I would just say that my life is full of feelings of extra ordinary powers, power of evil spirits and the most Powerful God.

    Would love to read about those who has experienced same like me....

  5. profile image54
    tbHistorianposted 4 years ago

    Yes, I have personally witnessed miracles as a result of the work of the divine spirit.
    Individuals that perform righteously through spiritual principle produce miracles daily.
    I once witnessed a stranger speak with someone who I discovered on a ledge at the top of a 5 story building.  The distressed individual was about to jump to their death from the building. During the conversation, the distressed individual asked why they should get down from the ledge.  The stranger told them that "God loved them and did not want them to commit suicide".
    The distressed individual then asked for a sign that this was true.  The stranger then fell to their knees and prayed loudly to God for a sign.  The stranger continued to pray loudly and then asked that a single sunbeam be placed upon the face of the distressed individual.  Like a perfectly framed scene from a movie, a large sunbeam quickly formed upon the distressed one.  The praying stranger then asked God to warm the distressed individuals heart with tenderness and to ask the distressed to step down from the dangerous ledge.  The distressed individual then walked off the ledge to safety.  He was then hugged warmly by the stranger. 
    While police and medical personnel hurried to the top of the building, the stranger walked past me and said, God be with you always.  He then slipped away from the scene.
    When the medical personnel asked the individual what was wrong, he stated, "Nothing, I just met with God and now know that I am loved."  The medical people then took the individual to the lower levels of the building where his family had gathered.  The young man then informed his parents that he had seen a vision so spectacular that it had included his reason for being.
    I never saw the stranger again even though I worked in that building for over 10 years.

  6. krillco profile image94
    krillcoposted 4 years ago

    Yes. Many times. As a Pastoral Counselor, and in cooperation with God, I've seen folks change their lives in a drastic way.

  7. profile image0
    cjaroszposted 4 years ago

    My daughter is the most recent. I was told that because of her size and heart problem. She was at extremely high risk being stillborn.
    My water broke at 35 weeks. The doctors said it hadn't. She was able to make it till a week later when I had her. With almost no amnio fluid.

  8. peachpurple profile image81
    peachpurpleposted 4 years ago

    no but when i was young, my teacher did told us that there was a little girl who was unable to walk. She crawled her way up to the Virgin Mary statue and scolded HER that she had prayed everyday for miracle to happen. Allow her to walk but her prayers never answer. Immediately, she could stood up and walked again.

    Don't know whether it is true or not but that's what my teacher said

  9. fpherj48 profile image75
    fpherj48posted 4 years ago

    Every single time I hold a newborn baby.