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An experienced integrative healthcare professional & Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists (which was originally established to set a recognized benchmark for Holistic Therapy Training) & the IANLPC who has a passion for health and beauty and interested in career and business opportunities to amalgamate my skills and experience into a holistic approach to healing and helping people.

Building a community of like-minded people who have a passion for helping others using holistic practices.

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Also an active fundraiser & philanthropist for supporting all Animals & Cancer Support & Research

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Hello everyone, I am Nat S. a.k.a Purple Falcon.

Part of my name means Truth or Faithfulness, the traits which I hope to uphold and live up to. I believe that being true to oneself and being faithful escpecially to our loved ones are vital in enhancing our quality of life and those of the people that share our lives no matter how brief a time we may spend with them.

Each individual (person, animal and even the flora or plants) plays a significant role in shaping who each of us is today; down to our beliefs, behaviour, attitudes, our fears, heartaches,our joy, our pain and our hopes.

Never for once believe that you have no role to play in this vast mundane world of ours for we do not know or can fathom how far the ripples of our actions go or how each action can affect somebody out there whom you may not know or have met. Each and everyone of us are special. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. However, what ultimately counts and the measure of our true strength and character will only manifest when we either face adversity or are in posession of power.

I, like all of you haven been dealt more than my fair share of obstacles that I am still fighting off every single day. We all face different challenges specifically designed and catered to our individualistic needs to learn and grow from them, even if it is to finally find yourself and what you truly want in life.

As a child, I have always been ambitious, some might say, too ambitious for my own good. I wanted to be able to learn everything and be every profession from engineering to the arts. However as I grew up, I learnt that while it was all well and good to be passionate about living and learning as much as I could, I am a single human being with my own limitations whether it be energy, financial ability, time constraints and other responsibilities that we all have.

After experiencing a financial crash which affected more than my family, my life changed a lot. Some of you may say that this must be the worst point in my life. On the contrary, even though times were tough and I almost did not have the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education then, it was these experiences I had that allowed me to discover the strength and resilience of my family and myself, thanks to the blessings from above. These times have also helped me grow both mentally and spiritually, training me for what is to come in the future and developing my strength and psyche for the trials that I inevitably have to face in my journey in life.

I remember working three jobs to help put myself through University where tuition fees were high especially for an international student which I was at that time.

I also remember having to always wanted to be a medical doctor since I was seven years old. However, I was not too keen or a fan of surgery as I believed in a more holistic approach to healing.

I often find that these days, surgery is offered more and more commonly. After the sad passing of one of my dear canine companions, my cockatiel fell ill and was refusing to eat. His feather were fluffed up too. We took him to the vet who specialised in birds and the vet told us that Tweety was suffering form a lumpy blockage in his throat which required surgical removal. Unfortunately due to his weight loss, he was not even 100g and the vet only gave a 50% chance of survival, not to mention the risks of using anaesthetics. $80 later and whilst still recovering from the passing of my canine friend Casper the day before, we gritted our teeth and stuck to our guts and beliefs and decided to give Tweety a fair chance.

Being a health professional myself and trusting in a more traditional and holistic method of healing; combining all that I have learnt and practised, I turned to using herbal remedies with my home grown herbs along with natural supplements I had to treat Tweety. It wasn't an easy process and no, he did not recover overnight. These things take time and after gruelling weeks of syringe feeding his food along with his treatment and constant monitoring, he recovered back to his chirpy healthy self.

I consider this to be one of the many miracles that the higher powers above have bestowed upon me and my family and I am forever thankful.

I am no different from the rest of you. I too often struggle at the meaning of life and what my purpose is. However as I grew up, I realise that like every individual, I have the power to affect change, no matter how small to hopefully make this world a better place.

Our world will not change unless there are people; everyday people like you and me, who care enough to do the best we can in this life and hopefully make all our lives worthwhile.

*All articles are copyright protected and are property of Nat S. a.k.a Purple Falcon.

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