What is the best treatment method in solving depression in Manic depressive Psyc

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    married2medicineposted 3 years ago

    What is the best treatment method in solving depression in Manic depressive Psychosis?

    I wrote a hub about depression in Manic depressive psychosis and under its treatment plan, this was my thought in summary:

    "Electroconvulsive therapy in use is advantageous since the action is quick compared to drugs (Antidepressants such as Imipramine hydrochloride for example). This is the treatment of choice in cases of stupor, especially when there are suicidal tendencies."

    But I got a response which claims this to be archaic with the ECT having negative side effects! So, generally speaking or in your country, what is the best treatment method in such a psychiatric situation?


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    Mary McShaneposted 3 years ago

    In my country - the United States - ECT therapy is not a first line treatment of manic depressive psychosis.

    We prescribe medications along with counseling (individual or group) as a treatment plan. Only in the most severe cases if patient doesn't respond well to a plan, will we consider ECT.

    While it is true the way it USED to be conducted is archaic, medicine has come a long way in considering the 'comfort' of the patient and any subsequent aftereffects. 

    Movies like "One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest" have done much to give electroshock therapy a bad impression and name.

    But since 1990s, ECT has been conducted w/ much more comfort to the patient, shortened currency times and followup care. What they do in other countries is up for debate, but that is what is done in my country.