What are some of the benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

  1. oceansnsunsets profile image87
    oceansnsunsetsposted 4 years ago

    What are some of the benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

    I have heard that organic coconut oil is actually very good for you, but want to learn more about it.  What is known about using coconut extra virgin oil, as a healthy alternative to butter and cooking oil?  What are some different ways it can be used?  Any health benefits shared would be appreciated.  I heard that it is supposed to be able to cross the blood brain barrier, and things like that, but don't know much more than that.

  2. Kellie Prowse profile image60
    Kellie Prowseposted 4 years ago

    I have read that a tablespoon twice a day could help lose weight, but do not know how true this is. I have been cooking with it because it has a high heat point and is healthier than vegetable oil. It is great for the skin! I use it for dry spots and it has healing properties in it. I have read that it helps aide in passing a kidney stone and also helps with acid.

  3. artist101 profile image66
    artist101posted 4 years ago


    I just recently posted a blog article featuring a nurse who is using coconut oil to treat his Alzheimer's. She has seen a very hopeful improvement in his condition. http://sherrievitamins.blogspot.com/201 … wport.html
    It stands to reason that it would work as the brain's grey matter is made mostly of fat. Coconut oil is an omega 3 fatty acid that feeds the brain, much in the same way that Krill, and fish oil does. Where as margarine, and shortening only clog the arteries. The body doesnt know what to do with synthetic foods, so it stores it. Either around the middle, or in the arteries. A co factor that must be present in the diet is B complex, thereby making it more available to the brain, a boost necessary to utilize the Omegas. Our diets are void in both. The b complex vitamins come from grains, with the over processed foods, and manufacturing, they are void of it. Omegas are also in whole grains, as well as nuts, and seeds, fish, ect. In their natural form. May be why 1/2 of the population is depressed, or on anti depressants, as well as over weight. If the body isn't satisfied, we are still hungry, and will keep eating. It is crying out for nutrients that it just isn't getting from our food supply.
    Another use for coconut oil is the anti inflammatory properties as well, much in the same way as krill, and fish oil. Helpful with arthritis, and pain. It feeds the skin from the inside out, and has been found to be effective in skin disorders as well. May be added to the diet, and applied directly to the skin. Psoriasis, and eczema have seen positive results, combined with vitamin D3 taken orally. 20 Iu per pound of body weight daily. I use it daily, after showering to help with dry skin, and wrinkles. The skin absorbs it quickly, because it is a natural substance.
    It is also proposed to help with periodontal disease, by pushing it between teeth, for a few minutes, and spitting out. Draws out bacteria from the gums, and between the teeth. Grapefruit seed extract, diluted, might be a better choice, a natural anti infective.
    Obviously, it isnt going to happen over night. The "diseases" transpired over time, and time will be what it takes to see an improvement.
    http://www.amazon.com/Natures-Way-Cocon … B003OGKCDC
    Many of my hubs, and answers to questions include the use of omegas, http://artist101.hubpages.com hope it helps


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