Can Someone help me interpret this dream?

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    jessica42611posted 3 years ago

    Can Someone help me interpret this dream?

    I have had this dream since my very first crush back in high school and I am now about to turn 30 and I still have these dreams where I am looking for the person I am dating, in a relationship in, or have a thing for this person and I could never find them in my dream?  If I do find them it's just for a little bit and then they disappear?  Only once did I find a person and they actually stayed the entire dream?  What does this mean?

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    Lee Lee 513posted 3 years ago

    Maybe your mind is trying to imagine, what it would have been like with this person in your life but you never really knew the person well enough, to know how they are. smile

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    BrianCFrancisposted 3 years ago

    I think you are seeking to advance the relationship each time and only the one time that you found the person and they stayed, it was your subconscious telling you that it is the right time.

    Also think about the person you are seeking. Think about their personality and characteristics. Is there anything within that person in which you are seeking to employ in your life? And when/if you discover it, you lose it again quickly and need to focus on keeping that aspect within your life.