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Any tips on coping with a Lady's rejection?

  1. limpet profile image60
    limpetposted 4 years ago

    Any tips on coping with a Lady's rejection?

  2. Foodeee profile image76
    Foodeeeposted 4 years ago

    If this "Lady" is just someone you want to date and not your wife or the mother of your children then with so many problems in life a rejection by a woman is not even on the list. What I'm really trying to say is evaluate matters in your life and put things into perspective. If you actually make a list of things that are truly important you will find that this lady will low on the list and your emotions will hopefully be subdued by reality. If this is your wife however, then its gonna be a rough road ahead.

  3. profile image0
    Dave36posted 4 years ago

    Yes buddy what ever you do don't take it personally, it can't be possible for every woman in the world to want you can it?..I mean even if it was possible for every woman to want you, how boring a life would that be?lol..So just use some logic where women are concerned, & if a woman rejects you what does it actually mean?..Does it mean there's something wrong with you?, or did she just not "feel it" with you for what ever reason..Just like i bet you've got good looking female friends, but you just don't "want them" for what ever reason..As everyone in the world is different, & everyone likes a slightly different thing etc..It can't be possible for every woman to fancy/want me, so when i get rejected i know that so it doesn't faze me at all.

  4. Health Card profile image62
    Health Cardposted 4 years ago

    We often feel reduced to a lesser versions of ourselves. We automatically begin to blame ourselves, assuming there must be something wrong with us and criticizing the behavior that led to our rejection. So best part to do with a "Lady's Rejection" is to recognize the positive part of the situation.. Hang around with friend.. watch movies.. have fun smile