What are the 10 great differences between an average mindset and an unlimited mi

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    What are the 10 great differences between an average mindset and an unlimited mindset?

    Many people only yearn to do what is prescribed in their lives and careers.  They want to stay within a particular zone, yet striving and being their ultimate human potential.   They just want to be in the middle.   They also inculcate others within their particular circle to be AVERAGE.   Then there are others who push the envelope in terms of their lives and careers.  They refuse to settle, to be average, they go for the gusto.   They go beyond the comfort zone.   They refused to be limited in terms of their aspirations and goals, whether in life and/or career. 


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    bethperryposted 3 years ago

    Hm, let me see...
    1. Average mindset: I WILL read what Oprah tells me!
       Unlimited mindset: I AM writing my own damned novel.
    2. Average mindset: Mom listens to Oprah, my friends listen Oprah. I better listen to Oprah, too.
       Unlimited mindset: I listen to that small voice of reason in my head.
    3. Average mindset: If Oprah said it, it MUST be true.
       Unlimited mindset: Oprah once said she was going to stick to a diet, didn't she?
    4. Average mindset: Oprah walked into a Scandinavian store and the racist shop worker wouldn't let her buy a purse.
        Unlimited mindset: Wait a minute - I AM Scandinavian. Hell, I'll make Oprah a purse if she's that bad up for one.
    5. Average mindset: Oprah is too busy to take my call.
       Unlimited mindset: Well screw it, if Oprah is too proud to take my call, I'll just sell that purse on eBay.
    6. Average mindset: Oprah supports Barrack Obama!
       Unlimited mindset: I support Hope and Change, so if I don't vote for either of the Bush clones, I hope you'll understand.
    7. Average mindset: Oprah has traveled with the First Lady!
       Unlimited mindset: I just invented eco-friendly and CHEAP jet fuel!
    8. Average mindset: Breaking news! Oprah's a billionaire!
       Unlimited mindset: Breaking news! I got treatment for my Oprah dependence and can now concentrate on the screenplay based on my life as her enthralled fan.
    9. Average mindset: Oprah told her dad's hussy ex-wife to get out of HER house.
       Unlimited mindset: Anyone that throws her ex mother-in-law out in the cold is NOT invited to my mansion-warming party.
    10. Average mindset: Oprah - still relevant after all these years!
        Unlimited mindset: Oprah..Oprah WHO?

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    Dave36posted 3 years ago

    Oprah to me is a classic example of someone who's still chasing/desiring, & looking for contentment in all the wrong places..She wants money power fame & fortune in an attempt to keep herself permanently happy, when she doesn't realize that's impossible & she's actually looking for contentment..The reason i say she's looking for contentment is because we all are, no matter what anyone's doing that's why their doing it..Also all the vids she's done with Eckhart Tolle, who they say is a spiritual leader..I'm not saying he isn't but she's interviewed him for 10's of hours, & she wants to become enlightened..So why doesn't he tell her she can't become enlightened, when she's got 3 billion dollars sat in the bank while kids are starving somewhere?lol..You say she's pushing the limits etc & i respect your opinion, but i reckon she's a power mad ego a very very greedy..3 billion, & she's donated 47 million dollars to charity ever!..I just respectfully wonder why people look up to people like her, when she has the power & money to really help the people/kids in the world, but doesn't she keeps it all for herself..I would honestly hate myself if i ended up like her & Bill Gates etc, their pulling the wool over the peoples eyes..Their what's wrong with the world today, i just wish more people could see that.