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What's the best way to boost your metabolism?

  1. dailytop10 profile image92
    dailytop10posted 3 years ago

    What's the best way to boost your metabolism?

    I'm not fat but I can't honestly say I'm totally fit. I want to get rid of excess weight particularly on my lower abdomen but I think my daily exercise routine is not getting the job done. My friend told me the other day that I should focus on improving my metabolic rate. Sad to say, he's cruel enough to leave me hanging about the needed steps to do so. Do you mind sharing your secrets? Thanks in advance and have a great day!


  2. BlissfulWriter profile image67
    BlissfulWriterposted 3 years ago

    It is true.  Exercise can boost metabolism, especially high intensity.  Resistance and weight training are especially good because they maintain muscle mass.  Having more muscle mass burns more fuel.  Do you notice how the elderly feels cold more often than younger people?  That's because they've lost some muscle mass, and hence a reduced metabolism.  Do you often feel cold when other's are not?  If so, check for hypothyroidism.  Hypothyroidism results in a slow metabolic rate.

  3. Perspycacious profile image81
    Perspycaciousposted 3 years ago

    Eat a wholesome, healthy breakfast each morning, and several nutritious, small sustaining meals during the rest of your day.  Doing so will boost your metabolism, especially if you are not already following such a daily regimen.

  4. ChristinS profile image96
    ChristinSposted 3 years ago

    Build muscle. Muscle burns fuel at a higher rate than fat.  Even people who are not overweight can have a high body fat percentage and that can definitely slow your metabolism.  Resistance training and lifting can both help build muscle.  I do it all at home with a weight bench, push ups, squats, planks, dips etc. you get the idea.  On alternating days I run, or go hiking or do some form of cardio.  I make it a point to move every single day.  Working a sedentary job is hard on me and it will kill your metabolism.  It isn't so much about when you eat.  I do not eat breakfast, I am not a breakfast person. If I try to force myself to eat breakfast because everyone tells me I "should" do that - I end up in a cycle of cravings and eat more throughout the day.  Does no good to boost metabolism that way if you shoot yourself in the foot doing it wink

    Balanced nutrition - learn about macros and how to hit them - the right balance of protein, fat and complex carbs. 

    You can't target fat loss to specific areas, to lose the lower tummy pooch lift heavy stuff and do cardio. Just boosting your metabolism isn't going to help and don't fall for tricks and gimmicks.  Change your exercise routines. If you are too used to what you are doing, your body wont' get the burn you need to lose the stubborn fat.

  5. DDE profile image25
    DDEposted 3 years ago

    Eat and exercise properly to have a balance lifestyle. Don't go hungry in the day

  6. mikejhca profile image93
    mikejhcaposted 3 years ago

    To improve your metabolic rate get your body to adapt to an active lifestyle. Avoid sitting around for long periods of time when you can. Eat until you are full and snack if you get hungry between meals. Exercise to increase your strength, endurance and balance.

    Depending on how much fat you have now you may need to increase your weight. It is easier for me to keep the fat off at 135 pounds than it was at 110 pounds. The extra muscle helps me to burn more calories. You may need to eat more food. I eat a lot and I have a fast metabolism. People that don't eat very much tend to have slow metabolisms.

    Don't focus on weight loss. Focus on being more active.