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Do you believe that people CREATE their own destiny & outcomes or does the eleme

  1. gmwilliams profile image83
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    Do you believe that people CREATE their own destiny & outcomes or does the element of luck influence

    such outcomes?  What causes some people to be lucky, having that special golden fortunate touch while others seem to be cursed at almost every turn?


  2. BizGenGirl profile image90
    BizGenGirlposted 3 years ago

    Personally, i feel that "luck" is a result of the patterns we have developed and the life we have created. The word "luck" tends to become a way of giving up our personal power and denying whether we had a hand in the outcomes we get in our lives, whether they are good or bad.

    So yes, i believe we create our destiny.

  3. C.V.Rajan profile image78
    C.V.Rajanposted 3 years ago

    My spiritual Guru Mata Amritanandamayi usually says "There are three things involved in anything planned to happen: The  right time, the right effort and the Divine grace." If any one of these is out of place, then no plan attains fruition.

  4. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    Overall I believe ambition, hard work, determination, and persistence have the most influence over our life outcome.
    However every successful person does acknowledge that luck or timing plays a factor from time to time. A "seeker" finds things.
    Most times the "luck" comes after considerable effort has been made.
    As the old adage goes: "The harder I work the luckier I get."
    Most people who don't succeed lack determination as well as failing to learn from mistakes and make necessary adjustments. Another major factor is realizing wealth comes through other people. They buy from those they like and admire. Some people simply can't sell themselves or their ideals.
    In Napoleon Hill's "Think & Grow Rich" he talks about the concept of forming a "Mastermind Group". Essentially the person with the dream (acknowledges their weaknesses) and sets about to add people to their team who possess the skills needed to fulfill their vision. No one becomes very successful without having a team.

  5. mikejhca profile image92
    mikejhcaposted 3 years ago

    I believe people make their own luck. While riding my bike I could have bad luck and get a flat tire or have good luck and avoid the glass. I avoid the glass by paying attention. Luck has a lot to do with how observant a person is and how much common sense they use. Your choices make you lucky or unlucky. There are things that are out of your control but you control your thoughts and actions.

    When I was in the wrong place and the wrong time and got hit in the head it was bad luck. It was a result of the choices I made as well as the choices some other people made. If I did not make the same choices I would not have had to go to the hospital and I would not have a scar.

    Lucky people tend to be more observant and they tend to make better decisions. People create their own destiny and outcomes but they can't always get the outcome they want. They only control themselves.