Do you believe that within the next 60-100 years in American society and culture

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  1. gmwilliams profile image83
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    Do you believe that within the next 60-100 years in American society and culture, religion will

    become a thing of the past as more people will elect to become religiously unaffiliated, pursuing their individual and more independent spiritual paths?

  2. profile image0
    ahorsebackposted 3 years ago

    No ,   I believe that more and more people will stop  teetering at the edge of faith and  become more spiritual . Especially those on forum threads who constantly test the waters of faith .  Oh go on Grace ........slip your toes    into even  the possibility that you just might be  a believer.

    Seriously , maybe a lot of people will become more inclined to  believe in a higher being , but less so thse already faithful and more those that  don't think that much about it .

    1. Kiss andTales profile image77
      Kiss andTalesposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      To add Jesus is on a position of throne now
      He has been enviting people to be citizens
      Under his administration , how would we contribute , how do we stand on moral laws already address in the bible,  are we a canadate for peace. The old world ends

  3. ChristinS profile image49
    ChristinSposted 3 years ago

    People tend to equate religion with spirituality, and may be surprised to know that those of us who consider ourselves agnostic/atheist have a spiritual side.  We just don't believe in mythology as holding the answers to existence or the nonsense that there is a deity "out there" who controls everything. 

    As we become less ignorant and more scientific as a species, I believe we will find all the wonderful ways that science and metaphysics and spirituality all are more alike than different. 

    I do believe most will move away from the very limiting historic mindset of "God" that has been used to enslave and control them for centuries.  Then we may actually make some real leaps and bounds in progress.  It's my hope anyway.

    1. Kiss andTales profile image77
      Kiss andTalesposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      gmwilliams, This is the most beautiful picture I have seen in a long time , so heavenly and powerful , you have a gift of expression in your graphics thank you for sharing this one on a timely subject.

    2. gmwilliams profile image83
      gmwilliamsposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      You are quite welcome indeed.

  4. Kiss andTales profile image77
    Kiss andTalesposted 3 years ago

    There is good and bad in everything in the earth, many people are correct about religion
    In general , I agree , and yet if people would just listen instead of judging the whole 100%
    as bad and try to examine where is the truth of the percentage , they would be happy ,
    They would be released from traditions , control, they would be on their way into the New Earth of peace , A New Global Goverment  ran by no more human failures
    But by the one and true King Jesus.
    the truth is available , but the time is limited

    1. Kiss andTales profile image77
      Kiss andTalesposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      60 years or more , we are closer
      The demons thought that When Jesus came on earth  it was time for their imprisonment in the abyss , they knew who he was God's son , Lu 8:31 And they kept pleading with him not to order them to go away into the abyss

  5. M. T. Dremer profile image91
    M. T. Dremerposted 3 years ago

    Not in the next 60-100 years, no. Religion is too ingrained in most cultures to be disentangled in so short a period of time. For the religiously unaffiliated to become the majority, it would requires a steady increase of technology, scientific research and exploration, educational standards, and tolerant thinking. As a species, we don't always have steady increases like that, especially when wars and natural disasters have a tendency to knock us backwards. So, it might happen within the next 1000 years, assuming we don't blow ourselves up first.

    1. Kiss andTales profile image77
      Kiss andTalesposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      you are correct about being blown up , Mt 24:22 In fact, unless those days were cut short,no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short That is why we are standing in time of a nuclear destruction worldwide.


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