Will A Cure For Cancer Ever Be Found?

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    AdrielMontejanoposted 2 years ago

    Will A Cure For Cancer Ever Be Found?

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    Get Thin for Goodposted 2 years ago

    A cure of sorts HAS already been found. But it is not widely known.


    Because then the conglomerates making money from people who have cancer would stop making money.

    The cure? A change of lifestyle. A change of food habits. Even when you have cancer, it can be cured if it stops being "fed".

    Of course this will not always be the case, but most times, it is.

    Also, cancer can be caused by undealt-with feelings of anger and bitterness so you have to take those elements into account too.

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    sparksterposted 2 years ago

    Yes. Cures for cancer have already been found but have been heavily suppressed (Hoxsey Therapy, for example). However, in recent times it seems that bees venom may hold the key to curing many terminal illnesses including cancer and AIDS. Bee's venom contains a neurotoxin called Melatinin which can be used to cure HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and cancer (amongst other diseases).